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Astig na Summa Cum Laude October 6, 2006

Posted by kilospup in Alumni.

Her views

School Facilities

When asked about the facilities of the university, she said “don’t be distracted by it, you’ll just end up disappointed”.

She accepted this reality since the beginning of her college life in PUP. Grace, by being resourceful, has managed to address her needs in her own means. Instead of complaining, she tried to understand the situation. More so, she lends her books to those who are needy.


PUP is considered a haven of activists. She considers herself an activist as well. According to her, an activist is a progressive person clamoring for change on the different issues confronting the society. An activist must insinuate changes.

“Ang aktibista ay hindi lang yung mga nagpupunta sa kalsada at sumisigaw ng pagbabago, it’s the common notion for an activist. Para sa akin, there is an emerging alternative way of activism, and that is engaging in discussion and debate in a decent, responsible, and constructive way. And I think, that it is the more educated and civilized way of fighting for change and reform – that is our gift for embracing democracy instead of communism. We just need to be critical and proactive to make our mission as reformist to be realized”, Grace said.


Grace shares same views with former CEFP Dean Dannug “Politics is like a half-filled glass of water. You can view it either half-full or half-empty depending on your perspective.” According to Grace, many would say that politics is dirty, “Madumi man ang pulitika sa tingin ng iba, but they really don’t have any choice but to pass through it because life, as it is, is politics. What important is, not to stay on it and hold by it.”

Moreover, in facing the challenges of politics, decision-making is utmost consideration. As her educational background insists, before making her decisions, she needs to do “POSDCORB” as she was taught: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, regulating and budgeting. Passing through these methods makes her decisions and plans a “hundred percent sure.”

Today, she is working as a part time researcher at the office of Senator Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel. One day, if she still have the dreams of becoming a politician, she’ll courageously enter politics. What about a President of the Republic of the Philippines graduated from PUP, not a bad idea.

Atty. Mary Grace Ronquillo “in the making”

The very reason why she took Bachelor of Public Administration and Governance is that this is a preparatory course for Law. And, if she will practice law, her specialization would probably be a corporate law. She’s hoping that one day, she will be a part of the Legal Department of San Miguel Corporation or SM holdings.

Her Message

“One good success erases all the failures of the past. And greatness once achieved, however brief, stays with the man or with the nation”, she inspiringly said in her valedictory address.


Grace has only three things to advice the freshmen. These are her three keys to victory.

1. No one could bring you down except God.
2. Kung gusto mong magtagumpay, magsimula ka ng malinis, maayos at walang masamang ginagawa.
3. Kung gusto mong maging angat sa iba, always put your feet standing firm on the ground at lagi mong iisipin na lahat ng ginagawa mo ay para sa mga mahal mo sa buhay at para sa Diyos.

“Beautiful” by Cristina Aguillera is the song that would best define her life. She is beautiful no matter what they say. Words can’t bring her down.

She ended giving a message to all the people who applauded her and look up to her, “Anumang karunungan ko ay kamangmangan lamang sa Kanya at anumang karangalan ko ay hindi makahihigit sa ngalan Niya.”



Valedictory Speeches

Mary Grace Rongquillo (2007)
Cindy V. Rumbaoa (2003)
Annabel Paredes (2002)
Edelle D. Mabazza (2002)
Annalee Foz (2001)

Edgar Feliciano Aringay



1. torres kristofer - October 18, 2007

di ako ganoong ka believe sa kanya
school mate ko xa noong high school
shes a first honorable mention
but she cant passed the UPCAT
while other clamates and section w/o honors passed
the UPCAT!

2. torres kristofer - October 18, 2007

wala na bang ibang matalino dyan sa PUP MAliban kay grace?

we love ma'amm grace - March 16, 2010

naku Mr. Torres, dahil sa ginawa mo pinahiya mo ang unibersidad na pinapasukan mo. Ang buhay kasi ay di puro talino lang po!!! walang mangyayari sau kung wala kang puso…at mas maganda din sana kung may utak na may puso pa…bitter ka lang kasi wala kang site na tulad nya..at di mo xa kasing husay at kasing pingpala!!hahaha ooppss sorry to that!!!

I’m also a proud PUPian… and I’m proud of Prof. Mary Grace P. Ronquillo. We love her and she loves us. Kami ang pinaka minamahal nyang magaganda at gwapong studyante ng PUP QC.

Un lang po ang masasabi ko… goodluck nlng sayo 🙂

mhadz - May 19, 2010

eh bakit ka ba naiinis na naging summa cum laude si ma’am…naiinggit ka noh? kasi magaling talaga siya..maraming nagmamahal sa kanya dahil mabuti siyang tao…hindi katulad mo,bitter-bitteran ang drama sa buhay….at hindi mo rin masisisisi yung mga taong nakikialam kasi hindi tama yung mga sinasabi mo…baka hindi mo lang maintindihan yung mga english ni ma’am kaya sinasabi mong bopols siya..tigilan mo na ang paninira kay ma’am dahil hindi mo siya masisira…


3. wushu - November 23, 2007

torres kristofer

hindi lahat ng taga UP ay mas matalino kesa sa mga PUPians.
at hindi dahil sa nakapasa ka sa UPCAT ay matalino ka na.

4. torres kristofer - December 7, 2007


Bkt? tga san k b at nke2alam k!
dyan k dn ba galing sa PUP n yan!
e bgsakan nga lng ng UPCAT flunkers yan eh…
ano angal k!?
e 22o nmn ah…
magaling lang xa s pilipino!
pgdating s MATH and ENGLISH
bopols yan!!!

5. kilospup - December 9, 2007

Hi! Mr. Kristofer Torres.

While we appreciate your continuous patronage of our web blog, we advise you to please be conscious of the site’s well intended message: That PUP is a good university and its students have every reason to be proud of the university’s heritage, and contribution to the welfare of the Filipinos.

Mr. Torres, we will not reprimand you for saying that PUP is, I quote, “bgsakan nga lng ng UPCAT flunkers yan eh”. But we can not find the logic why should we be ashamed if PUP was generous enough toaccept students who flunked UPCAT, after all, it is their PUPCET score that the administration and the numerous colleges rely on, not UPCAT.

I would also like to point out that it is quite very narrow-minded of you, when you assume that just because a person flunks UPCAT means he or she isn’t iuntelligent. UPCAT is not a reliable test of person’s intelligence. It wasn’t designed to measure one’s intellectual capacity. One test could not stand for a person’s worth, not even UPCAT.

Mr. Torres, shall it be safe to say that you are not from PUP? If so, then we will be relieved, and at the same time, ashamed that any educational institution would accept or had accepted you, with that attitude of yours, something that the educational institution failed so miserably to correct.

We seek education to be a better person, in any aspect of our humanity. As you had posted, you are one of Ms. Ronquillo’s classmate from secondary school, and you had pointed that she graduated with just a first honor badge ( an honor nonetheless) As I had clearly stated that we seek education to be a better person, and as you can see, Ms. Ronquillo had definitely improve, an improvement our university is proud to be part of. For that alone, we thank you for making it dawn on us how even the least of us couldchange and be better, even be the best.

Everything could be learned, Mr. Torres, may it be math and english. And unlearned. You’re apparent attitude is one of the things that must be unlearned. It shows your incapacity to change, and improve. You are obviously stuck in the past, and thus, judges from the past. But time has change; Ms. Ronquillo has change, to be the best. She is part of our heritage as PUPians and to insult her, is to insult PUP. But will not be enrage, because we are better than that. We’re smart enough not to be enrage by your remarks, because we know better and we are better.

Mr. Torres, we can not do anything with your bitterness, but let me tell you, you are in a solitary wondering with that opinion of yours. You are alone and not a word of your statement resounds and reverbrates in the thoughts of other people. What your opinion goes to show is your poor character, not ours.

Mr. Torres, allow me to offer a simple advice. Change is good, always for the betterment.Why not consider some changes in your life? Then, visit us back.

Thank you.

Lawrence P. Villamar
The Editor-In-Chief

feel free to harrass me at my own e-mail. <“,)

6. Idetrorce - December 16, 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

7. mary grace ronquill - March 3, 2008

ha ulol!!!!!!!!

8. Leonard Vincent Luzon - March 18, 2008

The intelligence of the person does not rely on the name of the university. It’s just who you are and what other aims you want to be. CONGRATS!!! Atty. Mary Grace Ronquillo. I’m proud to be part of PUPian Community

9. Jeje - May 1, 2008

Torres Kristofer

Hahaha!!! Galing ah…
Naturingan ka pa naman ding taga-MONSAY, ganyan ka kung mang-degrade, well AS IF, madedegrade mo xa, AASSSAAAHHH
Bading ka!! Bading!! hehe =p

Pumasa ka ba sa UPCAT? Cge nga, kaw ba pumasa ka?
Well kc aq pumasa dun eh.. hahaha! =p

Tol, sa tingin mu b sa mga sinabi mu eh magmumuka kang mas matalino nyan??? HHHIINDDIII!!!
Hahaha. Insecure!!!! Panget!!!

10. Mary Grace Diwa-Hernandez - May 17, 2008

Hello Cindy…. kamusta ka na? Alam kong kaw talaga ang deserving sa honors na yan. Ako agter lumipat ng ibang school, eto nagtuturo na. Kaw Ba?

11. secret - August 29, 2008

matalino yan,…..
kung talagang pinakamatatalino ang mga taga UP, bakit nauungusan din ng mga tagaPUP ang mga taga UP sa board exams?
magaling din yan c mam sa public speaking….

12. Isagani Santiago Valderrama - March 24, 2009

Mukhang may kayabangan din tong kristoffer torres na ito ano? Ano ba naging credentials nitong taong to in the first place? I belong to Class68 of RMHS-España, Sampaloc. Dami naming highly successful – UP diliman grads for that matter – mga millionaires na ngayon in their own right -pero hindi napasukan ng masamang hangin. I was lookin for his name in monsay.org pero wala – babanatan ko sana. am also a graduate of RMHS-España, PCC – BSC Accounting and UP where I obtained my Masters degree. Sa batch namin bawal ang mayabang. PNP Sr. Supt. Roberto “Boysie” Rosales, Manila Police Chief is also a RMHS grad, classmate din pala ng nasirang Col. Voltaire Calzado, my classmate in UP College of mgt.. For verification you can contact Mrs. Calzado at ayala life in Iloilo city kasi baka sabihin ni Mr. Torres nagpapayabangan lang tayo rito.

13. Isagani Santiago Valderrama - March 24, 2009

Mary Grace, mabuhay ka! Hanga ako sa mga taong katulad mo considering na kadugo rin kita – PCC fighter.

14. secret.. - August 19, 2009

professor ko yan astig..
dming fans nian ehhh..
walking encyclopedia kc..
galante pa.
ang taray naman nung torres..
insecure ka ba kuya???
bitter ka ha..

15. secret.. - August 19, 2009

nga pla..
panong di marunong mag-english c mam??
bka di mo lng magets ung
cnasabi nia??
malalim kc..
mababaw ka cguro..

“sip sip ko no??”
gusto mo sugurin ka ng buong pup QC??

secret.. - August 19, 2009

i agree!!!!!

16. bea - September 1, 2009

Mr. Torres,

you are nothing but an insecure human being. Grace, is my batchm8/schoolm8/classm8 during college and there’s no doubt that she is the best among us all and let me remind u she graduated “SUMMA CUM LAUDE”, one and only during our batch over thousands of us..baka gusto mong iresearch kung ilan lahat kaming grumaduate..ikaw b?..may honors k b?..or grumaduate k b?..kung magsalita k kc parang uneducated k ang yabang mo p..kailan man hindi nagyabang si grace s kung anu cya, sino cya at kung anung mga naachieve nya..ang katalinuhan nya ay ginagamit nya s tama…ibinabahagi….and isa p mr. torres..hindi natin maipagkakaila n s UP ay palakasan system..hindi ko po sinasabi n ganun pero at some point ganun n nga..mas prinaprioritize nila ang anak ng mga emplayado..un po ay s pagkakaalam ko lamang..

……..life is full of suprises..life is full of changes..sometimes ur on top the next thing u know ur on the ground..u may start in nothing but u can become to something….

…..lahat ng tao nagsisimula s pangarap at simula s pangarap n un..unti-unting aabutin ito..

…grace excelled in her studies and still pursuing her studies for the better…how bout u?…have u achieved anything in ur lyf?…

……..hindi man kami nakapasa ng UPCAT at hindi man kami nakapagaral s UP…at least naging mas mabuting tao kami kasma ng magandang edukasyon…at lamang kami….dahil kami PUP…at kailan man hindi namin ito ikakahiya….

…….hindi bagsakan lng ng UPCAT Flunkers ang PUP…sila ay isang tahanan na kumukupkop sa mga taong naghahangad ng magandang edukasyon…ng magandang buhay…magandang kinabukasan at ng magandang pag-uugali…hindi sila nagmamaramot….ibinibigay nila kung anu ang nararapat…pantay at patas, may kaya man o naghihikahos s buhay….magandang edukasyon ang kanilang alay..

…karangalan ng aming sintang paaralan na magkaroon ng isang MARY GRACE RONQUILLO..

17. JEFFREY BUNED CUYNO - November 7, 2009

i cant say anything about grace but i am convinced by the others who set themself as PRO-grace.i hate to the one who wrote an idiot comment about grace. he or she is totally idiot one but i would say also that i understand this guy or gal because of freedom of speech but sad to say no etiquete.i am sorry to you but you must be a good to become better and become best person.
i want to enroll in PUP.if no chance for U.P, i f i have a chance in u.p i make sure that my attitude must be not like YOU!

18. Kagandahan - March 1, 2010

Maraming taga PUP na pasado ng UPCAT, ACET, DLSUCET, USTET, etc. May kanya-kanyang silang rason kung bakit mas pinili nila ang mag -aral sa PUP.

19. we love ma'amm grace - March 16, 2010

naku Mr. Torres, dahil sa ginawa mo pinahiya mo ang unibersidad na pinapasukan mo. Ang buhay kasi ay di puro talino lang po!!! walang mangyayari sau kung wala kang puso…at mas maganda din sana kung may utak na may puso pa…bitter ka lang kasi wala kang site na tulad nya..at di mo xa kasing husay at kasing pingpala!!hahaha ooppss sorry to that!!!

I’m also a proud PUPian… and I’m proud of Prof. Mary Grace P. Ronquillo. We love her and she loves us. Kami ang pinaka minamahal nyang magaganda at gwapong studyante ng PUP QC.

Un lang po ang masasabi ko… goodluck nlng sayo

20. we love ma'amm grace - March 16, 2010

PUP ang nagturo sakin ng kung ano talaga ang buhay…..

21. kyeon Sy - April 1, 2010

ahh may ganito pala dito… si mam ronquillo yan ah… ^_^ di ko pa sya nagiging prof but i heard she’s tough, smart and let’s say, an overall package….. 😀 goodluck…

aktibista pala yan si mam.. ano kaya ang stand nya about sa TFI tsaka dun sa pagbato ng mga aktibista sa mga upuan at lamesa ng PUP?

22. imajejemon - April 24, 2010


Sa di maipaliwanag na pagkakataon, napunta ako sa site na ito, nkakatawa ang ilang mga comments, tipong may masabi lang..

i dont know kristofer torres, pero pareho kami ng school RMCHS
i think mas kilala ko si grace sayo.

grace is my classmate in high school.
she may not be good in math,
but she is one of the brightest in the class,

nung lumabas yung results ng UPCAT
almost half of the class passed the exam.
nagulat talaga kami at di sya pumasa considering na top3 cya

pumasa po ako sa UPCAT, an engineering course at grad na po ako
di ko to sinasabi para magyabang,
sinasabi ko po na kahit pimasa akong UP at si grace ay hindi,
naniniwala akong mas magaling sakin si grace kahit UP ako..

saludo po ako sa babaeng yan…
may dahilan kung bakit di cya pumasa ng UP,
kasi nakatadhana syang maging summa cum laude sa PUP.
may bagay na di para sayo at may bagay na para talaga sayo..

23. vince santoalla - May 27, 2010

i just want to ask if broadcast communication in pup were good rather than in any universities……..

24. Free Classifieds site - April 21, 2011

tnx for existing..keep up the good work guys

25. imee mendoza - April 25, 2011

deserve ni mam ronquilo sa award bka basted lang kaya nagging biiter pero saludo ako kay mam ronquillo

26. imee mendoza - April 25, 2011

deserve ni mam ronquillo sa award bka basted lang kaya nagging biiter pero saludo ako kay mam ronquillo

27. rbe - May 15, 2011

wow! graduate din ako ng RMHS España batch 1991
marami talagang magaling sa alma mater ko at isa lang ang pinatutunguhan nila sa college..UP, PUP and PLM… proud akong graduate ako ng PUP Sta.Mesa , pasado din ako ng UP pero dun ako sa Los banos..1st sem lang ako walang pang budget..hirap pa sa daga ang buhay that time..kakatuwa..just share lang..

28. rbe - May 15, 2011

ay @Mr. torres, baligtarin natin baka flunker ka din ng PUPCET at passer ka ng UPCAT..

29. gm - May 17, 2011

I’m alumni also of RMHS-Cubao… Kahit mas matanda ng dalawang batch ang batch nila, tumatak pa din ang mukha niya. As a leader talagang makikita ang potential niya noon. Very articulate kung magsalita.

30. toni - August 23, 2011

ang gling mo tlga maam….idol tlga kta…

31. DZG - March 24, 2013

Maam ronquillo is my economics professor in LPU this last sem. she always put in the end part of our quizzes and exam papers the quote ” if you failed to prepare, you are prepared to fail” nakakatuwa lang that even when she’s still a student ginagamit na niya yung quote na yun. maam roquillo was such a good professor, though she’s strict she is very funny. ang galing!!! nakakatuwa nakita ko tong blog na to.

32. Thine Saya-ang - October 24, 2014


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