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To all PUPians,

The long period of waiting is over.

After so many decades of keeping unlikely brand as PUPians, it is time to put an end to this. We are not ‘destructive’ activist.

PUPians, it is time to prove that we are all competent and talented students and graduates of PUP.

Let us show them that we are well-equipped and competitive to fight the battle in the world outside of PUP.

Let everyone know that we are proud students and alumni of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Let us all make a difference. Join us in highlighting what we have and what we intend to do in an interactive blog, the “PUPians, Astig Maging Iba!

PUPians, Astig Maging Iba!, is a blog designed to raise the confidence of every PUPian. This will present the following, among others:

(Features: Outstanding Alumni and Students, Students Organization- Academic, Quiz Bee masters, PUP Officials, etc.)



1. jeza - February 2, 2007

I believe that this blog is not only designed to inform and entertain every PUPians (blog users), instead to make them more aware about the achievements and the activities done by every PUPians inside and outside our beloved University—PUP, that made the students ASTIG and EXCELLENT in their respective field.

2. DANICA - February 2, 2007

At first, I was kind of skeptic about the benefit(s) that this blog would bring . But as I start unveiling its content, I’m getting more and more proud of my being as one of the “iskolars ng bayan.” Please keep on boosting the self esteem of the PUPians!

3. Khris - February 3, 2007

Kahit kelan astig talaga mga PUPians..

4. Donna - February 3, 2007

I was kinda curious about this website, when the two guys tolds us about this… Well, paying rental for a computer to see this website or blog is worthless.. U know why? coz i became really proud to be one of PUPians rather than i think before… Grabe iba talaga tau, Pang world cl;ass.. ahehehe.. thanks sa mga creators ng blog na toh…^_^

5. garie - February 4, 2007

ngaun ko lng 2 nvisit pero….

astig talaga!!!!

galing tlga ng mga PUPians!!!

6. isda - February 4, 2007

C’mon guys..let’s conquer the bleachers of PUP..

ika nga ni UNESCO Commissioner Professor..ang bandila natin ay maroon..

patuloy nating ipakita sa iba na astig tayo..mahalin at paunlarin natin ang sintang paaralan dahil PUP-ASTIG MAGING IBA…

KILOS na mga PUPians..

7. jhoey - February 5, 2007

hanep!!!!ang gnda ng gwa ntin ah???? more power and gdbless!!!!!! kya ntin 2!!!!go!pupians…….

8. cindy ^_^bsce1-2 - February 11, 2007

gO!!gO!!!!gO PUP!!!!!
astig talaga tau!PUPians ikaw ang pagAsa ng bayan!!

sarap magaRal d2 s kabiLa ng napakaraming kontrObersyal n usapin,na3tili p rin taung mat2g 2ngo s maunlad at produktibOng bayan..

gO pup marOons!!

gud luck s mga kumuha ng test,,,d keu mgccc n pinili nyuh ang astiging unibersidad n i2!

God bLess s lahat at araL tau mabuti,,,,^_^

9. Heero - February 15, 2007

Wala lang…

Sumilip lang sandali…

Eto pala yung pinaguusapang blog…

10. pat - June 13, 2007


kakapasok ko lng sa PUP…

pero astig..lupet…da best…

college life at its finest…

keep it rockin’ guys..

11. earthlotus - June 14, 2007

tatak PUPain astig.. whee!

mabuhay tayong mga PUPiano! huwaaahh.. keep rockin’ guys!


12. jonnel - June 24, 2007

PUPians, let’s be proud of our school and especially for the individuals who made PUP a dark horse in the educational competition, and that individuals are us, PUPians… we may be low profiled compared to other schools when it comes to publicity, facilities and mouth-watering features…but what matters most is that our university is producing individuals who can excel in every grounds that anyone can think…. our university is a cradle for the talents of common men…

(mabuhay ang mga iskolar ng bayan….mag -aral tayong mabuti….hehehe)


13. joan=^_^= - August 28, 2007

woooooh!!!…,ASTIG tlga mga PUPians..,


now ku lng 2 na visit..,astig!


ingat po kau lhat..,GODBLESS to all.,


PUP rocks!!!

14. abet - December 12, 2007

astig tlga keep it up guys..kahit wala na ako n PUP you make me proud of my alma mater..nice blog…

ayos 2…astig

mis yah guys

15. OD - December 13, 2007

It is good to be hi-tech nowadays! Hindi na lang puros sa dyaryo ng Catalyst makikita ang opinion ng mga estudyante (‘yun parin ba ang NP ng PUP????) Good luck sa inyo bro! Mabuhay ang mga PUPians!

16. aya - December 15, 2007

pupians??simpleng astig..me mga lakas ng loob at ayaw papadaig..yan tau..

17. alvin - January 10, 2008

astig maging pup… what a word… astig, can you find another word to describe what is a PUPian, it is more than the word astig because we are more than a PUPian

we are the torch bearer of justice and freedom on our country and our university is the haven of “Iskolar ng Bayans” that serves our country from its little way up to the highest form of contribution we can give to our society; well i’m not talkin about “pride”, “fried” or whatever other students of this university always craving for- students that are thirst of 1.0 grade, certificates of appreciation-of attendance-, plaques, medals, honors or the laudes, academic achievers; but what we must be proud of is that PUP has a students who are practicing their rights and freedom as PUPian and as a Filipino Citizen which is proven since from the Marcos Dark Age up to the Arroyo’s most corrupt administration that is manifested with our philosophy…

Tunay, Palaban, Makabayan… this is the exact words we must be bear as a PUPian, PUP as it is a militant and progressive university that can fight for its rights and stand on issues affecting our society…

It is more than being “ASTIG”, BECAUSE WE ARE PUP

18. jonnel - January 11, 2008

more than just astig… trully, pup is the cradle of scholars. i am proud to be a pupian, isang iskolar.. and as a scholar i would study hard to prepare myself for the future and for me to be able to help our country in my own way.more than just fighting for what is right, we also need to do what is right,we need to do things in legal, rational and effective ways without depriving other’s rights..
criticize while helping and proposing for peaceful solutions, that is how it should go.
to my fellow pupians let us not waste the money of our parent,laborers and every people who are contributers on why we are now experiencing a low-cost yet effective education.nakakahiya nmn kung lumiliban tayo sa klase habang ngppkhirap ang mga mgulang ntin sa pgttrbaho..study hard and finish schooling,,that is how we can repay our parents, that is ho wwe can repay our country that is how we can help our country,,,
there are more than 40,000 students in pup. it is not right to have a template pasted in our school’s name which is only represented by the few..you know what i mean…
responsible actions…
we are experiencing budget cuts, ahmm how could we help? let’s stop vandalism.. i think the money which will be use for buying paints for covering the vandals on our school walls could be a help…

19. ace - August 11, 2008

do you know the PUP alumni in toronto canada? please if someone knows, email the address at vines61@yahoo.com.

thanks and more power to all PUPians!

ace encina

20. Mary Joyce - August 27, 2008

I’m proud to be a PUPian!!!!! 😉

21. tintin rosario - August 28, 2008

enough n ba php1000 para mkpg enroll sa pup? anu requirements para mkpgtake ako ng exam..? kelan 1st batch ng exam..pls response i need the information as soon as possible, thanks!!!

e-mail me at christinelopezon@yahoo.com

ngaun ko lang to nbasa at sobrang ndala ako ng emosyon ko.. anlupet ng mga tga pup!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

astig tlga…kya gusto kong mkpasok sa school n 2 eh..dati nga pla akong tga CITY COLLEGE OF MANILA but mgttransffer nko here sa astig at naiibang university!

22. grAezY 2H.. - September 6, 2008


aDd me up fluffy_noise@yahOO.coM

heLp nmAn bOUt eNtRance exAm sA pUp++++++++


23. kilospupparty - October 12, 2008

to all the aspiring applicants for this years PUPCET,

the online application is available at http://www.pup.edu.ph/iApply/

kindly follow the steps and procedures posted there!

good luck to all applicants, may we see you in our sintang paaralan next school year!

-kilos! PUP Party

24. reggie navarroza - November 4, 2008

hi….PUPians pls send me how to get the registration form for new applicants of entrance-exam….i want to study there pls… pls…

thanks’s alot… am jst hoping for the response

God bless you more PUP….


25. reggie navarroza - November 4, 2008

hi….PUPians pls send me how to get the registration form for new applicants of entrance-exam….i want to study there pls… pls…

thanks’s alot… am jst hoping for the response

God bless you more PUP….


26. liezel garcia - November 18, 2008

panu po ba mag-register online sa PUP Taguig?????ndi ko po talaga mkita sa mga websites eh..eh wala n po akong time pra pumunta dyan..

27. Essejetracterlaby - December 31, 2008

hello it is test. WinRAR provides the full RAR and ZIP file support, can decompress CAB, GZIP, ACE and other archive formats.

28. Mavel - January 21, 2009

hey there
more updated please
because i had the link of this site in all our online networks listed below.



29. Ax - February 18, 2009

I remember my college days. hehe. keep rocking PUP!

30. ♥Nn3hj♥ - March 5, 2009

◘w8 fOr mE PUP◘

○JaN AQu3 MaG-AaRaLpRomIse!!○

♥kELan fpUe
vbah ofFicIaL
nA iLa2bAs
rEsULt nG
PUPCET tEst??♥

31. sarah joy bumanglag - March 26, 2009

anu po ung mga kailangan para mkpasok?

32. niñq - August 23, 2009

panu po ba ung pg regizter za pup thru internet? i want to b in pup, can u giv me the info. in enrolling,..

accountancy poh kx guzto q,…

reply poh zna,..

yahoo mail and fs

33. niña - August 23, 2009

wat webzite b for frezhmen?

34. j.m_0018 - September 14, 2009

astig mging pupians!!!!

35. ranel - February 2, 2010

kailan po ung entrance exam ng pup??

36. ashley - March 22, 2010

panu po magtransfers pup

37. leovera - April 14, 2010

panu magtransfer sa inyo?ano kylangan?kylan entrance exam?

38. leovera - April 14, 2010

pls paki inform naman ako….
dko kasi alam pano……..

39. leovera - April 14, 2010
40. mimie - April 16, 2010

hello. gusto ko po mag-transfer sa PUP-taguig. Nag-search po ako ng requirements ng transferees. After ko po makumpleto ung requirements, it’s obvious that I have to get there personally to submit all the requirements, pero anytime po ba pwede ako pumunta don? kasi galing pa po ako Laguna. I have to make sure na me magagawa ako when I get there kasi baka po masayang lang effort ko. :)) But still I’m willing to take the risk para makapasok sa school niyo 🙂

kelan po ba ang enrolment sa PUP-taguig??
I wish u could help me..THANK YOU SO MUCH!

41. Reginè - June 10, 2010

D po b pwedeng mkapasok s pUP ang d pasado s exam?

42. san juan joe kenneth m. - August 8, 2010

how can i get the form for entrance exam ?

keycie - April 26, 2011

how can i get my credentials in pup… hope u can help .me tnx

43. danica marie m. delossantos - August 8, 2010

how to inquire po bah sa PUP

44. jelly ann - August 19, 2010

ASTIG TLAGA ang mga PUPian… kaht wla na ko sa pup para sakin kau pup ang pinaka asig na university….

godbless… study hard pupian..

45. taj - November 21, 2010

literal bng 2.0 ang grade na kelangan? ung grade ko po kse mga 2.75 lng e? pde pa b ko mkapasok ng PUP?

46. sheila - May 6, 2012

just want to know the full names of PUP basketballball varsity 95-96 names of the players… hinahanap ko sila sa fb, wants to communicate with them again… thank you…

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