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A Dream Fulfilled June 12, 2005

Posted by kilospup in Alumni.

By Annabel Paredes
Magna cum laude
Bachelor in Political Science
(International Relations), 2002

Speech delivered during the Commencement Exercises
held on April 26, 2002 at the Folk Arts Theater
CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City

Honorable Congressman Ronaldo Zamora, President Ofelia M.Carague, Chairman of the Board of Regents and its members, Deans, Chairpersons and staff, beloved families and friends, ladies and gentlemen a pleasant afternoon.

The tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching your goals, it is not the calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is a calamity not to dream. It is not disgrace to reach for the stars but it is when you no stars to reach for. Not failure but low aim is a sin. I am greatly honored and proud to speak before you as a representative of this graduating class. I learned that I will be delivering valedictory address only a few days ago. After that rush of joy and gratitude, only one emotion remains, panic! I am not used to delivering speeches in front of a large crowd. I am just an ordinary student, simple and unpopular.

Sa aking walong semestreng pamamalagi sa paaralang ito, hindi ako naging estudyante na nagkamit ng napakaraming parangal.

I do not hold any position in any academic or non-academic organizations in the University. However, I am confident in saying that may four years of stay in PUP have been truly well spent.

Maaari kong ipagmalaki at sabihin ko sa lahat na nagging makabuluhan an gaming huling taon. Lahat ng mga aral na aming napulot sa apat na taong paghihirap ay nagbunga na rin sa wakas! Ngayong hapong ito, ang bawat isa sa atin ay natupad ang isa sa mga pangarap na ating inasam. Hindi lamang tayo nagagalak sa tuwa sa pagkatupad ng ating mga pangarap, an gating mga magulang, kapatid, guro, kaibigan at mismong paaralan ay natutuwa sa ating tagumpay. Nararapat lamang na atin silang pasalamatan sa lahat ng kanilang paghihirap para marating natin ang tugatog ng tagumpay.!

May I request all the graduates to please rise and give these people a round of applause!

I guess all of you are wondering who I am and how did I attain such honors.

Isa lamang ang aking masasabi sa inyong lahat. Ako ay isa lamang ordinaryong estudyante na tulad ng marami na dumanas ng paghihirap para habulin ang mga deadlines. Lahat ng hirap ay ating dinaanan simula sa pag-eenrol. Ang init ng araw sa ating pagbibiyahe para makarating sa oras n gating klase, pagpupuyat na ating naranasan sa pagsulat n gating thesis at pagrereview para sa exams at kaba sa oras ng pagsusulit at paghihintay sa ating mga grado.

Ako ay kabilang sa pamilyang biniyayaan ng sapat lamng. Ako ay ikatlo sa apat na magkakapatid. Ang hirap na dinanas ng aking mga magulang para mabigayn ako ng magandang edukasyon ay dapat kong suklian.

My dad is a great hero. Iniwan nya ang kanyang trabaho sa opisina at pinili ang pag-service sa mga estudyante at maranasan ang matinding hirap para lamang kami ay mabantayan noong kami ay mga bata pa. hindi niya kami hinayaan na maligaw na daan na aming tatahakin.

Every lesson in life that my dad and mom shared to us are treasures we will carry throughout our lives.

Ang pagiging mabuting kaibigan ay natutunan ko sa kanila na aking dadalhin kahit saan man ako magpunta.

Behind every success is a failure. There are many failures in my life. But I never lose hope. I strove very hard to reach for my goals until I fully achieve them. Just like several personalities that start from scrap, Jose Rizal, our national hero, was a very disciplined student that his classmates always tease him, pero kita nyo naman ang nangyari, dinakila siya at kinilalang bayani dahilsa kanyang mga nagawa upang makamtan ang kalayaan.

Abraham Lincoln became US President after failing 13 times to be elected in various lower position. Albert Einstein, a fame math genius, failed in his high school math. Winston Churchill cannot be admitted neither at Cambridge nor Oxford University but he became a prime minister of England and is considered as the one of the worlds strongest leaders. You see, failure is a part of life. It is a great wall that must be climb if one wishes to continue to experience more happiness and success.

All of us here are winners! Malay mo after graduation, isa sa atin ay maging katulad nila. You will never know, in time, in PUP alumnus will be the next Philippine president! Nothing is impossible in this world.

Kung sa akin mangyayari, mamamatay din ako, kundi man sa pisikal ay sa presensya. Hindi ko yata kaya na mawala ang mga mahal ko sa buhay na hindi ko nasasabi kung gaano ko sila kamahal kahit lagi kaming nagaaway sa bahay dahil nga hindi kami magbigayan. Mahal ko ang aking mga kapatid at lalo na ang aking mga magulang. Lagi ko nga silang ipinagdarasal. May they always be safe at home and in wherever places they go. I love you all!

Dad, alam ko na hinihintay mo na kung ano ang sasabihin ko. Kahit lagi tayong nagtatalo sa bahay ay hindi ko nakakalimutan lahat ng ipinamulat mo sa aming mga magkakapatid. You are the best dad for me!

Mom, ikaw ang laging nagsasakripisyo para lamang mabigyan kami ng araw-araw naming pangangailangan. Salamat sa gabay at pagmamahal na ibinigay ninyo sa amin ni daddy. Mahal na mahal ko kayo!

Sorry for the troubles I have caused you. I am also proud of you raising me like this, a valedictorian! I ask you, my fellow graduates, have you ever told your parents how much you loved them? Have you ever said sorry for all the troubles you have caused them?

Alam ko na lahat tayo ay naiirita at nabibingi na sa paulit-ulit na sermon ng ating mga magulang. Ngunit alam nating tama sila. Huwag sana nating hayaang mangyari sa atin ang nangyari sa aking kaibigan na hindi nabigyan ng pagkakataon para magpasalamat at magpadama ng kanyang pagmamahal sa magulang.

Let us start today. Say “I love you” to our parents. If not at this very moment, show them the appreciation they deserve. Please give a round of applause to the hardworking parents who contributed to our success. On behalf, of my fellow graduates, I would like to say thank you. We love you all.

The college where I came from, the College of Economics, Finance and Politics is a great institution. With its motto, “keeping strong the momentum of excellence in the digital age”, the college has produced champions. We are taught to keep learning and flow with the changing times. This has helped us in being what we are right now.

Kahit nga hindi ako active participant sa activities, I know the students capabilities. Sa college ka makakakita ng super supportive mentors, professors, student assistant, chairpersons, at syempre a very intelligent and encouraging dean, Dr. Roman Dannug. Thank you and keep up the good work in creating more competitive graduates in the coming years.

I cannot forget to extend my thanks to the Department of Political Science, the department that has nurtured me for four years. I know all the people in our department are very proud of me! I’m too very proud of you, Chairperson Gatchalian and all the Political Science Faculty Members and Staff. Kahit nga wala sila ngayon maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!

PUP is a great university. It has been helping poor students to pursue quality education. Under the leadership of Dr. Ofelia M. Carague, from its humble beginnings, this university has evolve into a dynamic institution recording an increasing student enrollment, expanding program offerings, collaborative projects and improve developmental programs for all the university’s stakeholders.

Bilang isang estudyante ng Agham Pampulitika na may pangarap na magpatuloy ng abogasya, natatangi po kayo dahil sa pagbibigay ninyo ng pagkakataon sa mga maralitang estudyante maging magagaling na abogado sa pamamagitan ng pagkakaroon natin ng College of Law.

This is another window of opportunity for Filipinos who struggle to achieve success. May I ask the graduates to please stand and give a round of applause to our beloved mother, Madam President and from our hearts greet her a warm Happy Birthday!


Ma’am, this is a little gift from us for all the efforts you have exerted to make this university what it is right now. We consider you as our treasure and confidante with your dedication to excellence and service. We cannot afford to lose you! Thank you!

All of us will carry the name of this university. In all walks of life we are proud of PUP! Sa trabaho ko ngayon, they prepare to hire PUP graduates because we are hardworking, patient and honest.

Kaya nga po Hon. Cong. Zamora, I would like to ask your help in the Lower House to support the developmental projects of our university by increasing its budget allocation for the coming years. You have seen how great our university is. You are our partner in Congress to enable us in the academe accomplish our university goals. You very well know that PUP has helped many poor students by giving them opportunities to grow. Let us all stand and give our Guest of Honor a round of applause for listening and indicating willingness to fight for our request!

Soon enough, we will be entering the world of politics. Even though we have different fields of study, all of us will be dealing with politics. All of us will be making decisions that will affect others.

Malapit na naman ang eleksyon. Sa ating paglabas sa paaralang ito, naway natutunan natin ang mgdesisyon na hindi iisang tao lamang ang makikinabang. Huwag tayong mabulag sa mga walang sawang pangako ng mga politikona sa kalaunan ay nauuwi sa wala. Try to change our future today, save the next generation by making the right decisions.

Hindi natin dapat kalimutan higit sa lahat ang Pinaka makapangyarihan na nagbigay daan sa lahat ng ito. To our Almighty God who has given us the talent, perseverance, love and comfort that we depended on and to whom we owe all that we have. You made all this possible. This will not be the end for all of us. We know that You will guide us all the way. No one will ever know your reasons for everything that has happened and what will happen. We just need to trust Your mighty hands and praise You with all our hearts! Thank you Our mighty Creator!

I know that all of you want me to finish my speech. Alam ko ang pakiramdam ng nakaupo at nababagot sa speaker lalo na at mainit kaya tatapusin ko na! I just want to say Congratulations! I am proud of and amazed at all of our accomplishments. Strive to be committed in all that you do. Do not stop learning, continue to gain knowledge as well as wisdom. Demonstrate character, integrity, selflessness and honesty. Just believe and have faith in God, whatever your labors and aspirations. Have peace in your soul. With all this sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful and strive to be happy. Fulfill your dreams and aim for the stars. Thank you and good afternoon!



1. Annabel M. Paredes - October 21, 2007

actually, its not the edited version which posted in here, hope the people in here can contact me so this post will be edited thanks.

2. kilospup - October 23, 2007

We will be happy to contact you AMs. Annabel M. Paredes for the version actually delivered. You could e-mail us @ kilospup@gmail.com. Thanks and God Bless!

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