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Happy NEw Year! ! ! January 4, 2009

Posted by kilospup in Uncategorized.

Happy NEw Year! ! !



1. Mavel - January 21, 2009

hey you must update this site!
thanks 🙂

2. Ax - February 18, 2009

walang bagong post?!

anyways, when is the election?

3. aerix - February 21, 2009

I hope KILOS wins! The university needs a new, better, not only social but also academic oriented breed of leaders.

4. Roman Dannug, San Ramon, California - March 26, 2009


I am so happy to discover this site. I am Dr. Roman R. Dannug, former College Dean of Economics, Finance, Politics and Public Administration.

Do you ever know where is Cyndi now? I am happy that you headlined her valedictory address. I am impressed.

5. Ax - March 27, 2009

ow, dead blog. i thought i would be updated ‘firstly’ by this site. kindly update this peeps.

6. ivy - April 28, 2009

wow!! Dean Kumusta po? I was your student when I was in Fist year.. Happy to read your post here sir.

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