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PUPians Rock SOP Awards! November 27, 2007

Posted by kilospup in Features.

It’s time to rock the music world, mga Isko at Iska!
Two PUPians won the top plums on the recently concluded 1st SOP Music Video awards, and added yet another reason to be proud of our university. It’s a welcome addition.

Our fellow PUPian Richard Librada and Darlene Abigail Quito garnered the top honors, together with Roman Perez of University of the Philippines at the prestigious music video award ceremony broadcasted live last 25th of November, Sunday at the UP Theatre in Diliman, Quezon City.

Quito received the Best Video Editing and Texter’s Choice

Darlene Abigail Quito received the Best Video Editing and Texter’s Choice awards for her work on the Yasmien Kurdi music video of “Candlelight Romance”. While Roman Perez, also a student from the University of the Philippines bagged the Best Production Design award for the music video of Aicelle Santos’ “Ikaw Pa Rin”.

Wait, there’s more. Eighteen-years old Richard Librada and his team behind the “All Out of Love” music video, rendered by actor-singer Dennis Trillo got away with the most awards. Sophomore Librado, and his team from the College of Communication at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines went home with Best Videography, Best Concept/Story, Best Music Video, and Best Director. Dennis Trillo, the star of the video, earned the Special Citation for Best Performance by An Artist for his thespian prowess in “All Out of Love”.


Librada’ s Concept Won Him Top Plum

All in all, team PUP brought home a total of eight award. Other finalist were. Elaine Melody Samonte (St. Paul College, QC), Ademar Garchitorena (University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu), Maan Leynes (Centro Escolar University), and Nestor Abrogena (UP Diliman).

In a press release from SOP Music Video Awards, the management stated that:

For four years now, SOP Music Awards has become the venue in recognizing exceptional talents of Filipinos and acknowledge remarkable artists and significant performances that uplifts the quality and standards of Original Pilipino Music (OPM).This year, SOP Music Awards, through SOP Music Video Awards, has fulfilled its goal in discovering young aspiring music video directors from different university and colleges all over the country.”

Discovered indeed. Richard Librada and Darlene Abigail Quito showed the country that PUPians Rock!



1. fact funny - December 3, 2007

Roses are red, sky is blue, you’re a better writer than me for sure, lol 😉

2. roger - December 23, 2007

wag nga kayong nakikisawsaw sa fame nila anong kinalaman nio sa pagkapanalo nila… and also with the admin… wag kayong makisawsaw wala namn kayong naitulong sa kanila aside na sila ay mga setudyante ng PUP but the support…. kung di pa sila nanalo ay di nio sila ike-claim na student ng PUP at the first place that’s the true spirit of being a PUPian, sabi nga ni sir..”Hindi kami PUP lang, PUP kami…” but that professor yuck, ni hindi nia nga alm ang true meaning of being a PUPian and its philosophy, isa nga siya sa mga liabilities ng university, isang professor na walang alam kung hindi magpa-compulsory ng mga projects at kung anu-ano pa, isang malaking tuta yung professor na yun, and the dean, how dare you thanking and being proud of our university president, anong kinalamn niya sa pagkapanalo ng mga PUPian na yun, be proud kung naoipagtanggol niya na ang university to have a higher subsidy from the government, kapag dumating yun time na yun saka tayo maging proud sa kanya. di ba. at kayong mga taga-kilos, yuck Kilos ang pangalan ng movement niyo pero hindi naman kayo kumikilos para sa mga poangunahing isyu ng university niyo, puede ba palitan nio pangalan nio… your name does not aline with what you are doing in our university, mga opportunist and pasulpot-sulpot lang… yuck

3. alvin - December 23, 2007

hoi mali yung nakuha niyong video para kay abigail quito, kay yasmin kurdi po yung video na napanalunan nila… mga tag-kilos talaga, mga walang alam hay naku… fuck all members of kilos. mga ignorante…

4. jeffrey - January 5, 2008

alvin, nagmamalaki ka??
look whos talking…
and you think dapat kami maging proud kasi ganyan ka??
pity you alvin…
kung kagaya mo lang din ang dapat maging isang PUPian…
wag na lang..
marami akong kilalang kalinya mo..
pero di sila ganyan…
bakit ngayon ka lang nagkaganyan..
eleksyon na kasi..

5. jeffrey - January 5, 2008

pwede ba..
yung iba na lang yung magcomment
yung mas convincing
mga katulad ni punong bathala…
atleast maaliw kaming mga readers..
alvin magpaturo ka muna sa kanila ha..
give me a break!!!!

6. kilospup - January 9, 2008

To Mr. Roger,

What a very Communist name in there, Mr. Roger. And you do sound like one, I suppose although less scary than Punongbathala ( a name which goes to show what a megalomaniac your pals could be ). Despite your bossy attitude, Mr. Roger, I thank you for visiting our web blog. What we aim here is to promote things that every PUPian can be proud of, things that would contribute to their sense of identity.

As much as we could, we had attempted not to politicized this website, but we do not deny that our humble beginning takes us back to campus politics, and we owe so much to Kilos Party. Mr. Roger, we are not ‘nakikisawsaw’ to the fame of our alumni. What we are attempting to do here is to serve as fora for the students to get to know why one should be proud of being a student in PUP; our web is very much like The Catalyst which regularly features PUPian triumph in and outside the university.

Each sector of our academic community contributes to the well-being of every student. No matter how little, it must be recognized. If at times some of the sectors, or some of the members of these sectors fail to measure up to what is expected of them, they are after all, but human with inherent imperfections, and bound to make mistakes.

Mr. Roger, it seems you have a thirst for politics, but your thirst will not be quenched here. Perhaps, if you be so industrious, you could direct your political libido to Kilos Party’s official web blog. Thank you, and one last advice, don’t drink too much, or just don’t drink at all, when you comment next time.

lawrence p. villamar

7. kilospup - January 9, 2008

Mr. Alvin

I suppose you’re not the epitome of good manners and proper conduct, offering to ‘fuck’ everyone up. How promiscuous of you, but that is an offer we would gladly decline. Forgive the mistake, my fault. We have a separate staff from Kilos Party, in fact, I do not even know who moderates their official site. Please do you’re research first (well, talk about ignorance, then) because often, you guys, bark here without realizing you’re barking at the wrong tree–er, blog which could be, as it is now, infuriatingly annoying. Happy new year!

lawrence p. villamar

8. alvin - January 10, 2008

my point is sa susunod magbigay kau ng tamang information…


no time for pity, at hindi pride ang issue dito no, i’m proud to be a pupian because i do believe and putting into practice the vission, mission and philosophy of our school, subukan niyong basahin baka ikahiya niyo na ganyan kaung klase ng PUPian, baka magtransfer na lang kayo sa ibang school because dapat almin niyo kung ano ang tunay na nagpapabuhay at nagpapanatili sa ating pamantasan… di ba…

sana ma-realize niyo yun… sana…

9. roger - January 10, 2008

politics ba… oo nga grabe yun pala ang tingin nio sa comment ko grabe and i’m not a communist, i’m a servant, by the way san nga bang banda kayo nakapag-serve sa PUP, Mr. lawrence Villar at excuse me hindi ako lasing, we’re not doing that thing because we are remolding into a better member of this society and we do not do that vices, you have to research all about us, and you will be amazed what really we are doing…

tingnan mo rin yung mga sinasabi mong sector, sana nga kahit maliit ay may nagagawa sila… research mo kung magkano ang winawaldas ng mga sinasabi mong sector mula sa kaban ng mga mahihirap na PUPian and maaawa ka sa sarili mo at sa kapwa mo estudyante, sana malaman mo…

10. alvin - January 10, 2008

paki-tama yung video, mali pa rin o… kay yasmin kurdi po yung video nila at hindi kay aicelle santos… ano ba yan… yan ba ang mga nag-reresearch ng tama about sa mga topic nila… di ba ….

11. villamar - January 12, 2008

Hi Mr. Alvin.

Before you get the wrong impression, I am not trying to enter into a full-blown word war here. Each of us, Mr. Alvin, has a way to contribute to uplifting the image of PUP. This is our way. You have yours. At same level, we also have a very different perspective and opinion on what shames PUP. The character Santiago, in the Alchemist states that each of us has the duty to turn into ‘gold’. Like lead, when we have outlive our purpose, we must turn into something else, something better. This is not a mere expression of discontent with the status quo you seem to eager to preserve but a call to be better, even so, I recognize that such superlative is a relative one. I reinterate that each has his or her individual, unique, oftentimes different way. But instead of issuing your contentions here, why not delve on the similarities of our advocacies. I believe such similarities are numerous, for us to share between ourselves. I mean no disrespect nor do I intend to shoo you a way, but it must be stated that this is our site, not yours. We have our own philosophies, and rationale, reasons that you personally make harder to understand by seeing things in black and white, which is not always so as there are shades of gray in between.

Do recognize, Mr. Alvin that our web blog relies on volunteers. Most of them students like me. We do not profit nor are we given any incentives in maintaining this site. True, it gives us access to some ‘fame’ as you put it, but that is not the be-all and end-all of our volunteership. I admit that there is joy in seeing your name in the editorial board, but that is to be expected. For the record, my tenure here has not landed me any job, or interview or magazine cover, not even a screaming freshman stalking me in the campus ( I wish there was, for a matter of experience). Forgive my sarcasm, but it could not be help. I’m gifted with it, and I use it for entertainment rather than good offense. Anyway, happy reading and watch out for our future article.


P.S. WordPress allows the blogger to view the IP addressof those who comment on his/her blog. Using an IP locator, you could know the exact latitude and longitude where the person is located. With the magic of Google Earth, you’ll know where to find the person. How are you doing in Mandaluyong. Near Don Bosco, am I right?

12. jonnel - January 15, 2008

tsktsktsk…. thank you for using a foul word mr.alvin, that only speaks kung anong uri k ng tao.we did nothing to you…ipinakikita lng nmin n proud kmi sa mga nggwa ng kpwa pupian nmin…i don’t know but i think the problem with you guys is that you are always being the pessimists in every event..problema dito problema dun…bka nmn ang problema ay kau…sori for the word…to mr.roger,winawaldas ang kaban ng pup? ang kaban ng pup ay mula sa pagod at hirap ng mga mgulang at mga mggagawa n sinasabi nyong ipinaglalaban nyo,,hindi ba’t mas gugustuhin nila n mkpgtapos tayo lahat sa ibinigay na oras para d nasasayang ung mga taon at pera sa atin lamang?…tsktsk academic excellence is how we can help our country and our parents..hey guys,please remember hindi lng kilos members ang ngbabasa ng mga blog site nmin…kaya mag inagt kau sa mga salita nyo dhil bka mgulat n lng kau at pandirihan kau ng mga estudyante sa ugaling ipinakikita nyo…think first before u act or say something.bka mabulok ang mga utak ntin kung ndi ginagamit…

13. alvin - January 16, 2008

villamar… hahaha…. hindi kaya ako nasda don bosco alamin mo baka nasa pup lang ako hehehe…

14. kilospup - January 18, 2008

hi Mr. Alvin.

Seems like your professed wit betrays you. Nope, i’m not saying you’re not in PUP. Please dissect my sentences and the intended message will come to light. or better yet, why not hire an English translator or used Babel Fish Translator so you could better understand it, although I expect that it’s not the language that hinders understanding on your part but a lot of critical thinking, or shall I say, intelligence?



You know what,s top ‘talking’ because you’re making a spectacle of yourself. Nakakahiya na po na na-iinfer ng mga mababasa na sadyang wala kayong karunungan upang ganap na maunawaan ang mga artikulong naisapubliko rito dahil lamanag ito’y nakakasulat sa Ingles. Isang patunay na ang pera ng taong bayan ay nasasayng lamang sa pagkat ang adhikain ng pamantasang matuto kayo ay hindi lubusang naisasakatuparan sa kadahilanang walang pagpupursigi mula sa inyong sarili,para sa inyong sarili. Oh there you go, I already wrote in Tagalog so you could understand it.

15. jonnel - January 24, 2008

malamang at taga pup ka lng… but maybe your hiding under someone’s pants while criticizing the party you are afraid of.. BAKIT BA TUWING MALAPIT NA ANG ELEKSYON AY LUMILITAW KAYO PARA SIRAAN ANG BLOG NMIN?…SINO KAYA ANG MGA TUNAY NA KABUTE

16. Dancel - March 2, 2008

anu ba yan akala ko puro recognition makikita ko d2 puro away pla…nakakadisappoint

17. callbooks - July 9, 2008

pare-parehong taga PUP, pare-parehong basagan ng bungo.

Hindi nyo ba popost dito ung gang-rape sa PUP? Anong opinions n’yo regarding this?

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