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PUP Young Leaders Forum! Astig! January 10, 2007

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Pride or Fried chicken?

Thinking about fast foods? Nah, we know you’re smart. You must have seen one of their posters with PUPoy, our Sintang Paaralan’s Centennial Mascot smiling wide and crazy. But what exactly is he smiling about? Well, PUPoy has every reason to rejoice. Finally, we’re seeing action for the PUPian Pride!

The PUP Young Leaders Forum
The PUP Young Leaders Forum (PUP YLF) is the brain child of the Ayala Young Leaders of
PUP, who initiated the program as part of their “continuing advocacy in the name of servant leadership.” The Forum aims to awaken the sense of true, dynamic, and responsible student leadership, establish lasting network of PUP student leaders, form corroborative decision-making and critical analyses of concerns via resolution and charter building, bring forth PUP student leaders and major players and experts into a proper forum of discussion and interaction and perform ways to fulfill the commitment in the signed charter to contribute in the development of each participant in the forum.

PUPoy in You
PUPoy in You?, the first of the three fora, was held at the College of Communication Audio-Visual Room last 28th of November 2007. It was hosted by students from the College of Communication.



The participants, who were asked to submit a brief essay on What is PUPian Pride for admission, readily shared their views and perspective on various issues that boggles the PUPian, the forum revolved on the issue of PUPian Pride, and the PUPian identity. The participants readily shared their views and perspective on various issues that boggles the PUPian with questions ranging from ‘What sets a PUPian apart?’ to the much-discussed ‘Dapat bang ikahiya kung sa public school ka galling?’



To help the 24 participants present at the Forum, the PUP YLF had invited three resource speakers. Bro. Eng Si from the Kerygma Family, Mr. Ringo ‘Mr. Universe’ Borlain and MS. Kym Oliveros,a freshman from the College of Accountancy, who started a forum on Bob Ong’s Bobong Pinoy E-group, ‘Dapat bang ikahiya kung galling ka sa public school?

Bro. Eng Si and Mr. Borlain shared their experience as alumni of PUP, and the hassles and bustles that they faced inside and outside the campus, and gave interesting advices. “Commit to excellence” press Bro. Eng Si who is proud of his PUPian heritage. While Mr. Borlain recounts how he landed his current job as a Physical Education at the College of St. Benilde. He told the participants, “Other may have all the brains, all the money, but at the end of the day, it is the PUP graduate that delivers and gets the job done.” Ms. Kym Oliveros gave the perspective of still struggling freshman who wonders what to do with the stigma people have on PUPians. At the end of the forum, the participants were given graphic of PUPoy and were ask to color the black-and-white poster. Each one scribbled a few lines of what really is a PUPian Pride.

The Environment and Culture
PUP YLF has two more forums scheduled for this school year, Tapat Ko, Linis Ko,’ The PUP Young Leaders Forum on Environment and Energy Conservation to be held onJ23rd of January, 2008, at the Engineering and Architecture Building Audio-Visual Room, hosted by the College of Engineering. The third one is KultuROCK!,’, The PUP Young Leaders Forum on Culture and Arts Revolution this coming March 5, 2008, at the Claro M. Recto Auditorium


Basta PUPian Astig!
For more information visit the PUP Young Leaders Forum at www.pupyoungleaders.multiply.com.



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