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Astig! na Centennial Employee July 16, 2007

Posted by kilospup in Alumni.

Laura Galit

Listening with the tune of modern music, singing along with the songs or chatting with the students are some of the past-time activities of the secretary of the Department of Economics, Ma’am Lau. This employee seems to be an ordinary public servant but amidst her humility and simplicity is a prestigious award she received on 2004. She was one of the five most outstanding centennial employees in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Laura Dino Galit was also a product of our alma mater. She took a baccalaureate degree in Business Teachers Education and earned units in Masteral in Business Education. She is married and is a mother for three wonderful kids.

Ma’am Lau has been consistently serving the College of Economics, Finance and Politics for twenty-five years and being awarded as one of the five most outstanding centennial employee made her feel good and proud because out of many employees in our university, her contributions and services were recognized.

Working in a public university, for her, is more than just a job but a passion, fulfillment and at the same time dedication to help students in their needs. “Although you can’t please everyone” as according to her, she tried her best to comply with the tasks she have for what matters most for her is the achievement she feels in assisting and helping students. She finds it touching when she came across with students and former students smiling and recognizing her.

If time will repeat itself, she would love to stay as a PUP employee and serve the cradle of scholars.
She addresses her co-workers to learn to love their work and set a true and good example of being a public servant.

She advises us, the students, to be proud that we became PUPians, we need to learn to live as PUPian and prove people that we are all worthy of being subsidize by their taxes and the taxes of every Filipino through studying hard and achieving our goals in life for education is an intangible treasure that we are going to have for the rest of our lives.

Finally, for the PUP community, according to her, “we all should stand out and don’t be ashamed that we are in PUP. We have faced many trials and obstacles yet we remain intacked and fighting. We should feel honored because out of many who aspired to belong in our community, only few are chosen to be a part of our big family.

Indeed, the “Polytechnic University of the Philippines stands for quality education”. And behind this are the effective and efficient squads of employees, such as Ma’am Laura D. Galit, who are giving their best to provide the best service for the best students of the Philippines.
writtten by Jonnel A. Manlapas



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