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Astig na Summa Cum Laude June 11, 2007

Posted by kilospup in Alumni.

By Abby Balendo

“After twenty years, finally, we have the fourth Summa Cum Laude, coming from the College of Economics, Finance and Politics —— Ms. Mary Grace P. Ronquillo.”

These are the words that roared the four corners of the World Trade Center during the 2007 Year End Commencement Exercises of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in the presence of a very distinguished guest speaker, Vice President Kabayan Noli De Castro.

Mary Grace Reyes Pestanio Santos Ronquillo sternly opposes the common knowledge that the fourth summa cum laude of PUP is a genius-type of person accessorized with large and thick eyeglasses, carrying bulgy encyclopedias and aloof to everybody. She’s actually the exact opposite of the common perception for a “genius person”. She barely brings books, without “thick” eyeglasses and rich with many friends.

For her, “genius” which comes from the word “genes”, means “it runs in the blood” and due to their inborn talent, they do not have to study hard in order to pass their subjects. On the contrary, Grace has to study hard or else, she will fail. She humbly describes herself as a simple student with a very deep passion for learning.

“I think we’re all ordinary persons, what gives us an edge to others is our passion on the things that we are doing. If we are committed, dedicated and possesses the right attitude, we’re deemed to be excellent.” Grace enthused.

Her intelligence was not inherited and this prestige is a product of a little hard work, a little patience, a little perseverance plus God’s guidance. Those “little” things made a “big” difference. Yet, she believes that it should not make an enormous borderline between her and the graduates. Those who have really work hard to strive far more than mediocrity also deserves recognition. Read on




1. Edmundo Olmedilla Solomon - June 21, 2007

Hello fellow PUPians!!! u forgot to name Vic De leon Lima an ABS CBN TV and Radio Reporter..Graduated last 1980…. Dabarkads ko yan dapat ilagay din dito…Thanks at Maraming Salamat….

Ako nga pala si Edmon Solomon Batch ’84 (May31,1984- Summer Graduate) BSC – Banking and Finance

2. abby balendo - June 21, 2007

thanks for the info kuya edmon!”,) we will surely put Mr. Vic De Leon Lima on our list! However, if you’re kind enough to set me an appointment with him, that would be much appreciated!”,) hehehe.. if ever lang naman p0h.. once again, thank you p0h! we’ll definitely work on that!

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