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Astig na Honor’s Society February 13, 2007

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The Prestige

They say that the authentic “iskolar ng bayan” can be found in PUP. Blessed are those who are given a chance to pursue their college studies in our dear University. Doubly blessed are those who are studying under a scholarship program. Then came the Kapatiran ng Talino at Galing or simply KATAGA, PUP’s very own Honor’s Society.

Initially named as KATAGI (Kapatiran ng Talino at Giting) way back in 1968, this organization has proven itself to be the bastion of academic excellence and innovative leadership through the years. KATAGA’s vow to inculcate the spirit of unity among scholars is carried out through its numerous projects. The annually held Scholar’s Leadership Enhancement Training (SLET) is KATAGA’s keynote program to enhance potentials of scholars who have what it takes to effect change in various levels of the society. Another brainchild of KATAGA is the Scholar’s League of the Philippines (SLP), which is said to be the first of its kind in our country. Aside from PUP, other member schools of the SLP are RTU, PHILSCA, PNU and EARIST. KATAGA celebrates its foundation week every November. Members of KATAGA offers free tutorial lessons both for their fellow scholars and non-scholars on different subjects ranging from calculus to basic accounting. In 2005, KATAGA almost made it to the TAYO (Ten Most Outstanding Organizations) Award as they reached the NCR level for the second round of judging.

KATAGA is comprised of 2,223 academic and non-academic scholars from all colleges in our University. Orlan Tubola from the College of Engineering (CE) is the current president of KATAGA. Mary Grace Ronquillo, a senior in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration (DPSPA), is KATAGA’s top scholar for almost two years in a row. This March, KATAGA is set to recognize its cream of the crop as well as its graduating members. KATAGA officers gleefully asserted that more activities are in line for the approaching academic year.

With such an impressive record and an upbeat outlook, the whole PUP community expects nothing but the best from its scholars.

Sa Panulat ni Dennard Dacumos



1. rAymonD.. - February 16, 2007

wow! tnx kilos for recognizing my beloved Org!. yipee.! this blogcite is truly astonishing! galing galing!

Dennard Dacumos = in behalf of KATAGA, tnx for this article! yipee! let us continue to strive for the best and AIM HIGH!. yeah!

gO kiLos!!.. goodtimes!!

2. E.I.C. - February 17, 2007

To raymond:

Thank You rin po sa pagsuporta nyo sa blog na ito…

KATAGA is really a great organization…we hope na marami pa kaung ma-inspire na mga hardworking students from PUP…

ASTIG talaga kau!!!!

3. land - February 23, 2007


4. Den - August 6, 2008

UP students are not supposed to be called “Iskolar ng Bayan” (Scholar of the Nation). They are “paying scholars”. If you are paying more or less PHP 21, 000, would you really feel that you are indeed a “Iskolar ng Bayan”? Upon enrollment, UP students get in line to pay for their tuition holding wads of cash roughly four times thicker than those from New Era University would pay for. I am sure that we don’t need figures, charts, and statistics to prove the veracity of my claim.

Had it been somebody from PUP, PLM, PNU, TUP, or any state university/college who boasted himself as “Iskolar ng Bayan”, I am inclined to agree. Otherwise, if it’s from UP who claims such, I will maintain the same incredulous revulsion.

Braggart, think twice! Admit it or not, you don’t deserve to be called “Iskolar ng Bayan”… in the true sense of the word.

5. may pascua - August 21, 2016

Good Day!

Is there a website where we can see all the members of the KATAGA then and now? and where they are now?

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