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PUP Notable Alumni January 31, 2007

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“Pinoy Ako”, a beautifully written song and the theme song of the first edition of Pinoy Big Brother and inspired the nation for its wonderful portrayal of proud Filipino citizen, was written by one of our alumnus Jonathan Manalo.

Jonathan Manalo, received a degree in Advertising at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, not only he is famous for his song “Pinoy Ako”, he is also the winner of the Himig Handog Para sa Kabataan for the song “Tara Tena”. He is also the man behind ABS-CBN’s theme songs like Ok Ako, SCQ Reload, Seasons Of Love, Nginiiig, Star Circle Quest, Star In A Million, Voice Of The World, and Wazzup Wazzup.

His songs could move the listener through its captivating rhythm and inspiring lyrics that made him one oft he most sought after composers in the industry. Truly, Jonathan Manalo is a talented PUPian.

Sa panulat ni Ms. Joy Micaller


Bayani Agbayani, a name that is very common to us especially when we are fond of comedy shows and movies, a very talented Comedian and now one of the stars of the country’s largest network, ABS-CBN. He is in fact a graduate of Mass Communication major in Broadcasting.

He starred in different comedy movies like Pera o Bayong, Mana Mana Tiba Tiba, Otso-otso pamela-mela wan, Walang Iwanan, Peksman and Sangano’t Sangago, sitcom such as Super Laff in, Kaya ni Mister. Kaya ni Misis and Okay Fine Whatever,and Noontime Shows llike Magandang Tanghali Bayan.

His movies truly made each one of us laugh. Bayani captured the heart of the Filipino viewers through his wit and sense of humor.

Sa panulat ni Ms. Joy Micaller


Maan is one of the more credible correspondents of the country’s largest TV network ABS-CBN. One of the highlights in her career was when the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf kidnapped her back in 2000 while working as a researcher and writer on location with cameraman Val Cuenca in Jolo, Sulu. They became captive in the group’s jungle camp for one-week. Since then, her name became familiar to news and public affairs scene as she became a regular reporter in ABS-CBN.

The incident in Sulu became the “claim to fame” for Maan as she was noted for her courage and dedication in her profession as a journalist.

Truly, this simple yet brave PUP alumna is the manifestation of the courage and dedication of a true-blooded PUPian. Her being a dedicated campus journalist back in her college days made her what she is today.

Sa panulat ni Mel Salise


This 24-year-old stunner is the reigning Binibining Pilipinas- International 2006. She is a graduate of BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Her triumph in the world of beauty contests serves as an inspiration for every PUPian as she became the model of beauty and brains combined.

Another major event she attended was when she represented the country in the Miss International Beauty pageant 2006 in China. Though she came home without the crown, she still carried the honor of representing the country with the grace and glamour of a true Filipina.

Before joining the Binibing Pilipinas, she competed in various beauty and modeling competition in both local and national level.

Sa Panulat ni Mel Salise


Does the name Ted Failon ring a bell? You might even say, “That guy in TV Patrol?” Yes, you’re right. And if you still don’t know, Ted Failon is a PUPian, standing proud in front of PUP pylon. He graduated in 1996 with a degree of Bachelor in Broadcasting Communication.

From 1990-2001, he worked as a Feb-Anchor, Executive Producer of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation and Columnist of Isyu. And he broadcast for Balita, Diyaryo Patrol and Saksi Ngayon.

He was once a member of the House of Representative in one of the four districts of Leyte. He later chose not to run for reelection, “picking media over politics” after finishing his first term in the plenary. Today, Ted Failon anchors for TV PATROL WORLD every weeknights and does a radio program with Korina Sanchez, in Tambalang Failon at Sanchez, air at DZMM Sais-Trenta! (630).

Sa panulat ni Lawrence Villamar


In the pre-Richard Gutierrez era, the name Richard evokes tall, dark and handsome specie of a man. Such was the charm of Richard Gomez—sporty, fearless and very masculine. PUPians could never have imagined him walking down Mabini Campus, but he did! He is an alumnus of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines! Could you imagine that?

No doubt, that Richard Gomez is a notable actor, having won GAWAD URIAN Best Actor three times! He is probably one who held the title for Philippine’s Most Eligible Bachelor longest. Now married to Lucy Torres, Richard is one of the most celebrated actors and matinee idols in Philippine Cinema. Richard also excels in sports and is in fact a medalist in various sporting events. He is also now into politics heading “Mamamayang Ayaw sa Droga”, an organization that won seats in the party-list elections but was later disqualified.

Richard Gomez does a hosting job for S-Files aired in GMA-7. He remains active in numerous sports, and in the acting arena portraying even a villain in recently-concluded Captain Barbel, showcasing his thespian versatility.

Sa panulat ni Lawrence Villamar


WATCH OUT!! More to come…



1. zonzon - February 1, 2007

ayos mga tol astig talaga kayo walang sinabi yong ibang university
ipoag patuloy nyo lang maganda

kamusta nga pala kay pierre angelie s pena ng marketing

at katrina corsino ng management
mga tol at myo naman ako sa friends ninyo ha

sige astig talaga kayo

2. zonzon - February 1, 2007

astig kayo

3. munlyt - February 1, 2007


nka2aliw po!

astig talaga piyupis!

gudlak po sa kilos!

kea ntin to!

astig maging iba!

4. DANICA - February 2, 2007

Wahaha. I enjoyed this ah! keep on posting guys…

5. love rose - February 2, 2007

proud to be a pupian!!!!!!!!!!

matt - September 20, 2009

PROUD to be a PLMayer!

6. Blog master - February 2, 2007

Thanks to all of your comments!!!
We will try our best to post more of what the PUPians can do.
ASTIG talaga tayo!

7. teacher "d" - February 3, 2007

congrats.worth reading. god bless.

8. anne perez - February 3, 2007

aus.., astig tlg mging iba!

PUPIANS.. against the flow tlg.

hmm.. lapet ko n iwan ang sintang paaralan nten (yes! xempre i-claim n ang pggraduate, khit wla p ang name s result ng evaluation ndi p nmn tapos ang posting e. haha!)

kya s mga nxt generation ng paaralang ito.. isa lng masasabi q, mapalad kau kc isa kau s mga astig. Someday, somehow, malalaman nyo rin kung bkt (that is for you to know it). as of now, enjoy nyo lng every single day kapiling ang paaralang pinagpala.

don’t let anyone look down on you. be proud and prove to them that you are really different, a world changer!

9. Melissa Reyes - February 3, 2007

Syempre para makilala namin ang mga kapwa namin PUPians at bloggers, please include the following informations:

To all students: please include your course and section
To all alumni: please include your course, section and the year you graduated

Sama nyo na rin ung mga fav professors nyo para malaman ng lahat kung sino sino ang mga magagaling na guro ng PUP na talagang Astig!

10. Rogie Ylagan - February 16, 2007

Mabuhay PUPians. PUP grad here. Isa pa sa notable PUPians talaga, si Bro. Eddie Villanueva ng JIL. Binoto ko pa yun last election sayang lang di pinalad. Lalo na pag nabasa nyo background niya, hahanga kayo. Katoliko ako pero binoto ko siya. INiisip kasi ng iba baka kasi gawin niyang born again lahat ng Pinoy pag naging pres siya eh. Malabo yun. Di niya gagawin yun. Bilang isang dating aktibista, napakita niya ang kanyang prinsipyo para ipaglaban ang mahihirap. Bilang regent ng PUP, di siya kumuha kahit piso sa sueldo niya sa University sa loob ng ilang taon niyang panunungkulan, the longest actually sa lahat ng regent. At ang pagiging leader niya ng JIL ay nagpapakita ng pagmamahal niya sa Diyos.

Basta tayong mga PUPians, magagaling talaga tayo. Pero sa kin kasi, naniniwala ako sa kasabihan din na “Winners SHOW what they can do, Losers SAY what they can do.” Kaya tayong lahat, daanin natin sa gawa at ipakita natin ang tunay na galing ng PUPians!

11. rAymonD.. - February 16, 2007

astig tlga! question. what course galing c Richard Gomez?! tnx! waiting for a reply. Tnx! 😀

12. Khris COABTE - February 17, 2007

To Raymond:

If Im not mistaken nagtake xa ng tourism sa PUP.. Mr. E.I.C tama ba? heheh..

13. rosean - February 22, 2007

astig n website 2 for us pupians!
nice job guyz….

14. Myblog - April 25, 2007


Yeah!. Congratulations for the blog
Your post is very interesting .In your blog are a lot of good post..
I’ll bookmark you.

15. Kagandahan - June 18, 2007

11. rAymonD.. – February 16, 2007

astig tlga! question. what course galing c Richard Gomez?! tnx! waiting for a reply. Tnx! 😀

Accounting ang course nya pero di nya tinapos.

MARCO SISON – a well know singer Balladeer is a PUPian

FRANCIS ENRIQUEZ – Na dating taga That’s Entertainment na nag-bold star after, madalas ko pa itong makita sa campus noon.

16. Kagandahan - June 18, 2007

Maging and dating Pangulong Estrada ay nag-PUP din.

Pero di nya daw tinapos ang 1 sem at lumipat nga ng Mapua.

17. kadre - June 19, 2007

Atty. Romy Makalintal ay isang PUPians, alam ko isang VP ng Unilab from PUP din

18. kadre - June 19, 2007

si LOVE ANOVER is from PUP

19. kadre - June 19, 2007

si JOC-JOC BOLANTE? hindi yan from PUP, si FG MIKE ARROYO at IGGY ARROYO…lalong hindi

20. kadre - June 19, 2007

marami pang outstanding ALUMNI ang SINTANG PAARALAN kailangan lang mag-research, at dapat lagi natin acknowledge school natin kapag na-interview tayo sa TV or na-invite tayo na mag speech sa graduation ng elementary or highschool or pre-schoolers man..ok ba?

21. Joel / Tourism Graduate - June 22, 2007

Tama po yon, siguro dapat din nating tulungan ung creator ng blog na to, magpadala tau sa kanila ng mga profiles ng mga kakilala nating PUP alumni para mas marami pa taung maging inspirasyon…. tama po ba kadre??? Astig!

22. tophe - July 29, 2007

im a pupians from ragay extension its baseb here in cam.sur… kahit saan paman astig parin tayo pupians… be proud to be a pupians…

23. tophe - July 29, 2007

its not the school guys its about what you learn on the school so be proud coz pupians are astig as well as our prof…..

24. arleen manzano - June 2, 2008

great to know that we have successful alumni. they serve as good inspirations of the new students of the university. is arch. royal pineda an alumnus of pup? he has made some notable projects and i think he deserves a recognition from the academe.by the way, he’s also good looking!!!!!!!!!!!!

25. alvin l. laurente - July 22, 2008

visit our website http://www.successfulpupians.multiply.com to see pup alumni who are making it big in business

26. alvin l. laurente - July 22, 2008
27. alvin l. laurente - July 22, 2008
28. PUP-STE alumni - March 8, 2009

Another notable PUP graduate, especially coming from PUP Sto. Tomas Extension in Batangas: Carlo Pagulayan, illustrator and comics artist working for Marvel Comics. One of his current projects right now is World War Hulk. 😉

29. Frank Washington Mantua - April 22, 2009

10 facts i learned since i graduated A.B.History from P.U.P. 2000.
(these are personal views only to be taken lightly and with humor)

1. When ever i say i graduated from P.U.P. people would cringe in fear, try it! Specially HR people from highly respectable Universities (rich people’s school). And they get difensive and starts blabering somehing like “well i’m from la salle and we la sallites are blah blah blah…” Talk about comfort zones! (pls note that no offensive words was used in this example, and the mention of the other school is purely for blah blah.. and blahs are not to be taking out of context and lets face it, lasalle is majority class A people. Zero negative intent here.)

2. People would instantly stop talking politics when i mention I’m from P.U.P.

3. People would always expect me to give them great stories of heroics when i mention I’m from P.U.P.

4. I feel like girls think I’m hot when I mention I’m from P.U.P. It’s because our school has an extra P compared to U.P. where the “fairly sized” Oblation stands.

5. Boys think girls from P.U.P. are hot and liberated. I don’t blame them. Wait till they meet our resident Gariella’s and they would surely find out what the word “HOT” and “Liberated” means. A special shout out to all Gabriella members!

6. Just saying “I’m from P.U.P” stops an argument, and i mean ANY ARGUMENT, nuff said.

7. Mentioning that your from P.U.P while in a fight would save your life. Saying your from another school could end it.

8. Your future inlaws are from P.U.P. If you find out that they aren’t then you had better find another date.

9. P.U.P. graduates are smart enought not to get into stupid jobs, its the smarter one that gets a hired!

10. Anyone who graduates from P.U.P. knows that they are the smarter ones!

Alvin Mendoza - September 21, 2009

That’s the reason why some PUPians are laso invading the international community. Like Rovel Tolentino Caberos, a graduate of BAchelor in Journalism from PUP College of Mass Communication. Try to listen to his morning show (LIVE IN SAIPAN every weekdays) at http://www.magic100radio.com or send him an e-mail at roviccaberos@gmail.com

30. Kagandahan - May 27, 2009

Film,Television and Theater Actress, Radio Talent, Writer, Singer, Photographer, Academician and a PUPian

Rustica C. Carpio has distinguished herself as academician, performing artist of stage-film-television, writer, and translator. She is a respected authority in drama and theater. An alumna of the former Philippine College of Commerce (now
Polytechnic University of the Philippines ) where she finished Associate in Commercial Science with honor, she holds an A. B. major in English, magna cum laude, from Manuel L. Quezon University; M. A. in Education, major in Speech Education, from New York University, USA, as Fulbright grantee and International House scholar; and a Ph. D. major in Literature, meritissimus, from the University of Santo Tomas. She was a Unesco fellow in Dramatic Arts at the National School of Drama and Asian Theatre Institute in India.

In 1983, she was leader, director, and principal actress in Sining Silanganan Drama Group’s performance tour of the People’s Republic of China, and in 1984, she was in Russia for work-experience in theater.

Thrice a dean (Student Affairs at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila), College of Languages and Mass Communications at PUP, and later of the Graduate School also at PUP), Dr. Carpio has represented the Philippines in international conferences. To her credit are over two hundred fifty (250) articles, critiques, reviews, poems, plays, and short stories published here and abroad, and over a dozen books on literature, speech,
and communication. She was holder of the Emilio T. Yap professorial chair in Journalism at the PUP Graduate School . A board member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in 1996 to 1998 and a board member of the Videogram Regulatory Board (1998 to 2000), she was a member of the Movie Committee on Appeals. In 2001, she was also at the MTRCB.

Dr. Carpio’s over fifty national and international honors and awards include: One of the Ten Outstanding Women of the Philippines for 1968 from Federacion Internacional de Abogadas (FIDA Phil.) for invaluable achievements in the field of performing arts.

Woman of Distinction as educator, writer, and performing artist and cited in The World Who’s of Women, Vol. 6, 1982 published in England by International Biographical Centre; Most Outstanding Faculty Member of the College of Arts and Sciences at PLM for 1983-1984; Outsanding Thomasian in Literature for 1983-1984; One of the Twelve Outstanding Bulakenyos as Professional for 1991; included in the Encyclopedia of Philippine Arts, Vol. 7 – – Theater — published by the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1994; Green and Gold Artist awardee of the Far Eastern University on its 70th founding anniversary in 1998 for outstanding achievements in performing arts; Gawad Parangal sa Natatanging Guro ng Pangmadlang Komunikasyon para sa 1999 from Pampalikulang Samahan ng mga Dalubguro (PASADO). Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan sa Larangan ng Tanghalan/Dulaan – given by the City of Manila on its 432nd Founding Anniversary on June 20, 2003; Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievements in the field of Humanities – given by the National Research Council of the Philippines on its 71st Founding Anniversary on March 13, 2004; Centennial Award for Services rendered as former president of the PUP Alumni Association – given by the Polytechnic University of the Philippines on its Centennial Celebration on October 12, 2004; Parangal ng Bayan for Outstanding Achievements in Arts and Culture – given by Parangal ng Bayan Foundation on April 2, 2005; Pama-As: Gintong Bai Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Theater – given by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts on July 7, 2005 – as one of 31 Outstanding Filipino Artists and Cultural Leaders – given in connection with the 2005 Centennial celebration of the Feminist Movement in the Philippines;

Dr. Carpio organized PUP’s Department of Mass Communication in 1987, and became its first chairperson and first dean of the College of Languages and Mass Communications. At the PUP Graduate School, she was founder of the Master in Mass Communications in 1990. She was proponent for the building of PUP’s Claro M. Recto Auditorium, and in 1998, she conceptualized the establishment of the Mass Communication Center. During her stay at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, she founded the Bachelor in Mass Communication in 1968, and was co-framer of the Master in Mass Communication in 1972.

At present, Dr. Carpio has been lecturer at PUP, UST, and FEU. She was consultant in Arts and Culture at PUP and is Executive Director of the President’s Committee on Culture at FEU. As one of America’s new songwriters, her poems have been set to music and are being recorded in the USA.

She first gained international notice when as a college student she became the youngest member and singer of the First Filipino Entertainment Troupe sent by the Philippine government to wartorn Korea in the winter of 1951 where she fought not with arms but with songs to bring Christmas cheers to the Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea (PEFTOK) and other United Nations armies. For her patriotism and bravery, “Rustie Hill,” adopted in the war maps of Korea, had been named in her honor.

She is one of America’s newest songwriters. Her poems are now being arranged for orchestration, vocals and recording by four recording companies for U. S. and later world distribution. Dean Carpio is included in the Cultural Center of the Philippines published ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILIPPINE ARTS, Vol. 7 (Theater).


1. Kiskisan (2003) …. Bining’s Friend
2. Vital Parts (2001) …. Old Lady with Groceries
… aka Harold Robbins’ Body Parts (USA)
3. Arayyy! (2000)

4. Campus Scandal (1998)
5. Rizal sa Dapitan (1997) …. Teodora Alonzo
… aka Rizal in Dapitan
6. Damong ligaw (1997)
7. Totoy Mola (1997) …. Lola Guada
8. The Marita Gonzaga Rape-Slay: In God We Trust (1995)
… aka The Marita Gonzaga Rape Slay (Philippines: English title)

9. T-Bird at ako (1982) …. Antique Dealer
10. Bona (1980) …. Bona’s Mother

11. Menor de edad (1979)
12. Aliw (1979)
… aka Pleasure (International: English title)
13. Walang katapusang tag-araw (1977)
14. Hubad na bayani (1977)
15. Nunal sa tubig (1976)
… aka A Speck in the Water


* Crisscrossing through Afro-Asian Literature
* Dramatic Poundal
* Hermogenes Ilagan: Father of Tagalog Zarzuela
* Life is a Stage
* Literature is Life
* Readings in Literature
* The Shanghai of My Past, and Other Essays
* Tilamsik ng Panitik

for inquiry about rustica carpio: search google or ccp library

31. Kagandahan - May 27, 2009

Do not consider Richard Gomez as ALUMNI of this prestigious university…

Hindi nya natapos ang accounting course nya sa PUP!!!

Kahit sa UP kinu-question din ng ibang taga-UP kung bakit naging alumnus ng UP ang actor gayung short ‘certificate’ course in Film lang naman ang kinuha nito sa unibersidad.

matt - September 20, 2009

ako taga PLM!

Yellow Cab - February 11, 2010

epal ka.. pumunta ka sa blog ng PLM!

ohhaa - August 10, 2010

kaw na PLM.. pUP pdin kme… astig..

32. Alvin Mendoza - September 21, 2009

How about those PUP Grads na sumikat naman sa ibang bansa? Have you guys tried contacting them? There was one DJ from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands na nagdala ng Filipino Radio Approach sa mga taga Saipan. Now, they are number one radio station in the pacific. His name is Rovel T. Caberos, a graduate of Bachelor in Journalism sa College of Communication. If you guys are doubting you can visit his site http://www.roviccaberos.multiply.com or listen to his morning show every weekdays at http://www.magic100radio.com. PUPians are not only for the Philippines alone but ofcourse they are invading the international scene like DJ RV (proud to be a PUPian)

33. Kagandahan - February 19, 2010

Celia Capadocia-Yangco, PUPLHS Batch ’62 alumna, acting secretary of Department of Social Welfare and Development

Celia Capadocia-YangcoThe PUP Administrators, faculty, students, and alumni proudly congratulate the Honorable Celia Capadocia-Yangco (PCC-PUPLHS Batch 1962) on her appointment as Acting Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

The Hon. Sec. Yangco spent her secondary education at then Philippine College of Commerce from 1958-1962. She belongs to section Bookkeeping.

The PUPLHS salute you for your outstanding achievement. God bless and more power to you!

back home

advanced search

34. Kagandahan - February 19, 2010

ATTY. Atty. Romulo “Mac” B. Macalintal

The lawyer of the country’s most high profile personalities – from the mayors, governors, congressmen, senators , Vice President Noli De Castro to the President of the Republic of the Philippines herself Gloria Macapagal Arroyo – is a “PUPian” – Attorney Romulo B. Macalintal.

To name a few of his clients, he was the lead lawyer of Senators Mar Roxas, Ramon “Bong” Revilla, former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza, Pasig City Mayor Vicente Eusebio, former Batangas Governor Armand Sanchez, Paranaque City Mayor Jun Bernabe, and Datu Zaldy Ampatuan, Regional Governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao in the 2004 elections.

n addition, during the 2007 polls he lawyered for Senator Migz Zubiri and served as the official spokesperson on the legal affairs and lead lawyer of the Team Unity senatorial line up. He is also consulted by boxing icon, Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, on the latter’s political plans. He also served as one of the volunteer lawyers of Father Ed Panlilio of Pampanga on the crucial elections in the province.

This most visible and election-recognized authority graduated from the Philippine College of Commerce (PCC), then name of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, where he finished Bachelor in Business Administration Major in Advertising in 1969, fulfilling his aspiration to be an advertising executive. He was also a student leader during his schooling in the university.

35. Kagandahan - February 19, 2010

First Asian and First Pinoy Mr. Universe

TWO hundred fifty participants from 39 countries posed in front of the judges at the finals of the 2006 Mr. and Ms Universe Body Building Competition in Cuxhnvun, Germany. All the contestants excitedly held their breaths. They knew the winner would join the ranks of famous past winners like Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator) and Lou Ferigno (Incredible Hulk).

When the winners were announced, perfect scores, each one, the contest honored the first Asians to win the Mr. and Ms. Universe. Both they were Pinoys – Francisco “Ringo” Borlain and Dwan Adantao.

Building body

Ringo Borlain was near tears as he recalled all the obstacles he faced that led to that moment. One of four children of Amelia and Diego Borlain, Ringo grew up in South Cemetery in Makati City, where his father worked as a grave digger. They lived inside the cemetery until his high school days.

His memories of growing up are poignant with heart-rending episodes of hardship and distress. “Namulat ako sa tatay na laging lasing (I always wake up with a drunken father),” he said.

After high school, Ringo worked in a canteen in Makati. He worked hard and saved money. When he was able to raise P500, Ringo enrolled at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). He then joined the varsity basketball team where he got an allowance. Through hard work, discipline, diligence and determination, Ringo graduated from college with a degree in Physical Education.

Click the link for more details:


36. Kagandahan - February 20, 2010

Filipino Motivational Speaker and Millionaire

visit his website: http://www.lloydluna.com/

He has been inspiring more than 50,000 people every year, writing more than 100 business and management columns for newspapers and magazines around the world, and speaking to more than 30,000 audiences on career, business, and personal development each year around the country.

He was described as “the man on effective career planning” by The Manila Times, “a life-saver for those who are confused in the uncertain, always-changing workplace” by The Manila Bulletin, “inspiring real-life story-teller” by ABS-CBN’s Karen Davila, “a very young, visionary entrepreneur who is becoming a strong brand in the industry” by RFM Corporation’s Joey Concepcion, “meaningful and relevant author” by
Jollibee’s Manny Lumba, “an advocate of good news” by BBC World Financial News Anchor Rico Hizon.

He’s one of the “four successful people at age 25” featured on Rated K by Korina Sanchez aired over ABSCBN and The Filipino Channel in March 2007 and has been a topic of in-depth profiles in The Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, ABS-CBN, DZMM, and other magazines around the country.

“Big,” awarded as a Collegiate Ambassador for Peace in Seoul, Korea in 2007 and cited as the youngest international journalist of the XV International Aids Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in 2004, is a columnist of The Manila Times, Mr. and Ms. in Business Magazine, Good News Pilipinas in Singapore, Kabayan Star in Hong Kong, and The Filipino Times and Asian Review in the United States; a business consultant to startup companies; Internet strategist to top 500 corporations; and the pioneer website architect of GONEGOSYO.net.

He is “the man who you will either love or hate”-love because he inspires you to pursue your dreams, and hate because he takes away all the excuses and reasons why you can’t succeed. To my mind, there is only one big name.

From being a bread-seller in his early childhood to now a best-selling author of the book Is There A Job Waiting For You?, he has written seven more books on career and personal development that have been changing the way people think about themselves and live their lives around the world.

His life story of turning “something small into something big,” has been the subject of in-depth profiles by The Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer, DZMM, ABS-CBN, Business World, web blogs, and business and management magazines around the country.

He is president and CEO of LLOYDLUNA Communications and the founder of Webdeology Technologies.



He took up Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines with distinction as Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Presidential Leadership Awardee, the highest award given by the President.

A recipient of several certificate degrees including Certificate of Course Completed on Leadership and Legislative Governance in the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Certificate on Campus Journalism and School Paper Advising and the Certificate on the First National Students’ Conference on Philippine Literature (also in UP), he was named as Youngest International Journalist to cover the XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in 2004.

In 2001, he established the Network of Campus Journalists of the Philippines where he serves as its Founding Chairman and CEO, the same year when he was cited as Outstanding Student of PUP College of Engineering and Most Outstanding College Consultative Board Member. Passionate to serve the student sector, he organized the Students Network of the Philippines this year.

Fueled by the enthusiasm of really revolutionizing the contemporary print media not only in the country but also around the world, he founded the Network of Journalists INTERNATIONAL, where his subordinates include writers of newspapers from the United States of America, Africa and Europe. Months thereafter, he was selected as one of Top 60 youth leaders of the World and invited to speak at the International Youth Dialogue on Youth Employment and the XV Malente Symposium in Lubeck, Germany.

Distinct as 2002 Catholic Mass Media Awards Finalist for Best Student Organ, awarded as National Leadership Achievement Medalist by the Knights of Rizal Supreme Council and recognized by the Philippine National Police as Leadership Awardee, he worked as Technical Assistant for Youth Affairs in the Office of the President in Malacanang Palace.

At 22, his hilarious antics, contagious energy and enthusiasm to create synergy among the youth has made him a favorite choice as freelance writer to the Manila TIMES, Manila BULLETIN and the Philippine Daily INQUIRER and resource speaker to journalism trainings, leadership seminars and team building workshops across the country. At 23, he worked as the Executive Vice President of POINTER Publishing and Publications Group and as Corporate Communications Manager of TNSEP Events. At present, he runs a PR and Web Company, the LAL Communications Consulting as Founder and Managing Director.

“Ii is not aptitude; it is attitude that brings people to higher altitude…”

A very promising journalist and multi-awarded writer, an experienced speaker and trainer, an environmentalist, a proactive activist and youth parliamentarian, a skillful and multi-talented youth leader of today’s generation.

Presently, while being a multi-awarded and most active journalist in the Philippine Media at the very young age, I hold the following key positions:

Presidential Technical Assistant for Youth Affairs
Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines
Malacanang Palace, Manila
Founding Chairman and CEO
Network of Campus Journalists of the Philippines (NCJP)
Founder and Moderating Head
Network of Journalists International
Founding President and Chief Executive Officer
Students’ Network of the Philippines (SNOP)
Country Director to the Philippines
IDEA International

Executive Director for Media and Advocacies
Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY)
Spokesperson and Director for Public Relations and Media
World Congress of Youth-Philippines
Correspondent, The Manila TIMES
The Oldest national newspaper in the Philippines
Freelance Writer, The Manila BULLETIN
The Nation’s Leading Newspaper
Contibuting Writer, The Philippine Daily INQUIRER (YOU)
The Country’s Most Awarded Newspaper
Youth Parliamentarian, 4th Philippine National Youth Parliament
2004 Presidential Leadership Awardee
The Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Leadership Award
Philippine National Police (PNP) Leadership Awardee for the Filipino Youth
Recipient, National Leadership Achievement Medal
during the 40th National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute
in Baguio City, Philippines
2002 Catholic Mass Media Awards Finalist for Best Student Organ,
Team Leader
Outstanding Student, Polytechnic University of the Philippines
College of Engineering
Other professional affiliations and memberships:

Student Representative, Polytechnic University of the Philippines’
(PUP) Student Disciplinary Board
Student Assistant, PUP Communications Engineering Laboratory
Student Assistant, PUP College of Engineering and Architecture Library
Member, National Youth Parliament Alumni Association, Inc. (NYPAA, Inc.)
Chairman, Media Relations and Publicity
World Congress of Youth of the Philippines
Member, Kabataang Pangarap ni Rizal (KAPARIZ)
Member, Electronics and Communications Engineering Student Society (ECESS)
Commission Head for the First Commission
40th National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute, Baguio City
Charter Director for Community Services,
Rotaract Club of Quezon City Circle
R.I. District 3780, Manila, Philippines (RCQCC)
Honorary Member, Office of the Ombudsman,
Junior Graftwatch Council (JGC)
Member, 4th National Youth Parliament (NYP)
representing City of Manila
Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines
Member, National Youth Commission (NYC)
National Registration Program (NRP)
My extra-curricular activities are:

College Debater, All-Asian Debate Format
2004 Best Dabater of the College
Leader and Instructor, ECE Debating Team Coach,
PUP College of Engineering Debating Team
to the University Debate Championships
Chief Adjudicator, 2002 PUP Engineering Week’s Debate Championships
Founder-Conductor-musical director, Engineering SINGERS,
Liturgical Choral Group of PUP Engineering Community
Judge, Inter-Collegiate Essay Writing Championships
Best Debater, Polytechnic University of the Philippines
College of Engineering
Aside from that that was involved in some significant events
in the country that dealt with youth empowerment:

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Official Development Assistance a
t the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City
“Kapihan ng Kabataan Kasama ang Pangulo” (
Breakfast Forum of Campus Publication Editors with The President)
at the Malacañang Palace, Manila
“!st Leadership and Legislative Governance for Youth Leaders”
at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
Palihang PINOY, “Rediscovering the Best in the Filipino Youth Leaders”
at the Paenaan Camping Farm, Antipolo City, Rizal
“Socio-Cultural Exchanges and Dialogue”
on Korean Students’ Visit in the Philippines
at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Convener, 1st Metro Manila Youth Leaders Assembly,
Malacanang Palace, Manila
40th National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute
at the Teachers’ Camp, Baguio City
4th National Youth Parliament
at the Pryce Hotel, Cagayan De Oro City
Speaking Engagements:

Lecturer on Servant Leadership,
Pampanga Agricultural State College
Resource Speaker on Leadership,
Bulacan Agricultural State College,
San Ildefonso, Bulacan
Associate lecturer on National Youth Situationer
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa
Resource Speaker on Leadership
and National Youth Situationer,
Rizal Technological University, Mandaluyong City
Resource Speaker on National Youth Situationer,
Sangguniang Kabataan of City of Manila,
Paenaan Camping Farm, Antipolo City
Team Building Facilitator,
Kristiyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan Movement,
Antipolo City
Lecturer on Strong Republic, Meycauayan College,
Meycauayan, Bulacan
Resource Speaker on Leadership for Campus Writers
during the Launching of PNP Writers’ Club 117,
Sept. 9, 2003, Camp Crame, Quezon City
Lecturer on Servant Leadership,
Technological University of the Philippines
Federation of Student Government and Councils,
Sept. 13, 2003
Panel of Reactors, “Historical Perspective on Philippine Employment;
Its Implication to National Security,
Sept. 18, Amado V. Hernandez Hall, PUP-Sta. Mesa.
Resource Speaker on Strong Republic
Mabini Hall in Malacanang Palace for Youth Volunteers for
Strong Republic Orientation Program
Resource Speaker on Leadership and Legislative Governance
Bataan Polytechnic State College, City of Balanga, Bataan
Chief Organizer and Chairman, NCJP SOAR 2004
The First National Leadership and
Team Building Congress for Campus Editors
Guest of Honor and Speaker
Gawad Efren Abueg (Efren Abueg Awards)
Ang Pahayagang PLARIDEL
De La Salle University in Manila
Prior to my graduation in College,
I received some minor awards:
As a Youth Leader
2001 Outstanding College Consultative Board Member
PUP-College of Engineering, Sta. Mesa, Manila
Outstanding College of Engineering Student 2002
2002 Ten Outstanding PUP Student Leaders
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Top 130 Student Leaders of the Philippines,
AYALA Foundation Ayala Young Leaders Congress Finalists
National Leadership Achievement Medalist
40th National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute
Philippine National Police (PNP) Leadership AWARDEE,
Camp Crame, Quezon City September 21, 2003.
As top-calibered young journalist:
2001 and 2002 Most Outstanding Campus Journalist
PUP-College of Engineering
2002 Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) Finalist
for Best Student Organ,
Team Leader
Outstanding Sports Writer,
Division Schools Press Conference
Division of Quezon, SY 1996-1997
Quezon Provincial Delegate
to the 1996 Regional Schools Press Conference,
Sports Writing, Cavite
1st Place, Provincial Sports Writing Competition,
Division Schools Press Conference,
Division of Quezon SY 1997-1998
Quezon Provincial Delegate
to the 1998 Regional Schools Press Conference,
Region IV, Sports Writing Sta. Cruz, Laguna
1st Place, Provincial Sports Writing Competition,
Division Schools Press Conference,
Division of Quezon SY 1998-1999
Quezon Provincial Delegate to the 1999
Regional Schools Press Conference,
Region IV, Sports Writing Lipa City
Back-to-Back Composer of the Year Awardee,
PUP Honors’ Society Songwriting Competition
AY 1999 and SY 2000
Musical Director, Pianist and Organist,
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Sta. Mesa, Manila
Musical Director, PUP-ECE Chorale Group

37. Kagandahan - February 20, 2010

Former provincial governor of Nueva Ecija; Chief political affairs officer

National Bills Authored:

§ An Act Providing Additional Safeguards to the Inter-Country Adoption of Filipino Children, Amending for the Purpose the Inter-Country Adoption Act of 1995

§ An Act Providing for a More Responsive Nursing Profession, Repealing for the Purpose Republic Act No. 7164, Otherwise Known as ‘The Philippine Nursing Act of 1991′ and for Other Purposes

§ An Act Regulating the Practice of Microbiology in the Philippines and for Other Purposes

§ An Act Elevating the Philippine Normal University to Become the Country’s National University for Teacher Education; Establishing a System of National Teacher Training and Development; Appropriating Funds Therefor and for Other Purposes

§ An Act Granting Special Benefits to Government Personnel Retired Under R.A. 660, R.A. 1616 and P.D. 1146, Who Are 70 Years or Older, by Providing New Procedures in the Computation of Monthly Pensions, and for Other Purposes

§ An Act Authorizing a One (1)-Year Registration of Incumbent Teachers Without Examination and for Other Purposes

§ An Act Penalizing the Unreasonable Delay in the Payment of Retirement Gratuity or Refund of Retirement Insurance Premiums, Amending for the Purpose Republic Act Numbered Eighty-Two Hundred Ninety-One

§ An Act Providing for the Compensability of Any Illness Caused by Employment Without Need for Any Proof on the Part of the Employee, Amending for the Purpose Article 165 of Presidential Decree No. 626, Otherwise Known as `The Employees Compensation and State Insurance Fund’

§ An Act Providing for the Appointment of a Full-Time Commissioner and the Executive Director in the Commission on the Filipino Language, Amending for the Purpose the Commission on the Filipino Language Act

§ An Act Reorganizing the National Police Commission, Strengthening Its Powers and Functions and Appropriating Funds Therefor

§ An Act Regulating Harbor Pilotage Services and the Conduct of Harbor Pilots in All Ports in the Philippines and for Related Purposes


BS Commerce
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Doctorate in Public Administration, honoris causa
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

38. Kagandahan - February 20, 2010

Camarines Norte

Father of Rolando Andaya Jr.
current Dept. of Budget Sercretay

39. Kagandahan - February 20, 2010

Municipal Mayor
Bocaue, Bulacan

40. Kagandahan - March 1, 2010


A proud PUP Mass Communication graduate, Jon Ibañez started his career in DZMM as a news writer in 1995. Because of commendable writing skills and vocal power, he was given the chance to anchor DZMM’s midnight newscast for more than two years. Later on, Jon became Radyo Patrol Number 35.

Jon actively participates in DZMM’s Basketbol Patrol — the much awaited league that tours around Metro Manila and nearby provinces and features the different anchors and of DZMM and DJ of 101.9.

Jon is a natural comedian and goes around the office cracking jokes. Being a music aficionado, he loves listening to different genres, specially pop, R&B and rock. His compassion and ability to listen and give advice is one of the major reasons why he co-anchors Lovelines together with Hans Mortel.

41. Kagandahan - March 1, 2010

Armel Fernandez

Armel Fernandez graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa Manila, with a degree in Mass Communication, Bachelor in Broadcast Communication. As a student, he excelled in drama and theater arts, being a member of the university’s acting pool.

He started with DZMM as a member of the production team. He showcased his talents and newsgathering skills, until he was promoted to the position of Radyo Patrol Reporter Number 34. He was then tapped to become News Desk Editor. Armel now anchors Ito ang Radyo Patrol and Radyo Patrol Balita weekend edition.

Armel was awarded Best Radio Reporter by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas 2007 Golden Dove Awards, for his coverage of the Jun Ducat hostage-taking in Manila.
He was also hailed by Metro Radio Reporters’ Organization as Best Radio Reporter, and was awarded by PUP as Outstanding Student of the Millennium. Armel’s voice is also utilized in various news and current affairs programs of ABS-CBN, including Salamat Dok, Bandila and TV Patrol World.

42. pylon valenzuela - July 3, 2010

Hi …..ATENEO, SAN BEDA.. both cathlic universities has set up a college of medicine……It’s about time for PUP to offer its doors to science & medicine…….. Pamantasan ng Lungson Maynila, Western Visayas State University, Cagayan Valley State University, even Ilocos Sur State University has opened medicine courses……
PUP, its time to catch up……

43. Kagandahan - September 20, 2010

Hi pylon valenzuela,

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) has a great MASTER PLAN for the establishment of MEDICAL SCIENCE courses. In fact, this is already a vision since the time of the late PUP President Emeritus – Dr. Nemesio E. Prudente, when he reassumed the university presidency after EDSA People Power 1.

When President Corazon C. Aquino awarded the 10 hectare land of National Development Corporation (NDC) compound an adjacent land to 12 hectare PUP-Main Campus in Sta. Mesa Manila, the technical team of Dr. Prudente’s university planning & development together with the PUP college of Engineering and Architecture created a master plan of future PUP’s ‘University Town’ which include
the following structures:

* National College of Mass Communication
* PUP Mass Communication Theater
* PUP Film Center
* College of Fine Arts
* College of Architecture
* College of Engineering
* Auditorium

For medical science courses:
* College of Nursing
* College of Dentistry
* Dentistry & Nursing Dormitory Building
* College of Health Science
Radiologic Technology
Medical Technology
and other health courses
* PUP College of Medicine
* PUP Dialysis Center
* PUP Hospital

Sad to say, after the presidency of Dr. Prudente there were only 3 or 4 structures accomplished (Masscom bldg, College of Engineering & Architecture bldg., & PUP Masscom Theater) the architectural design of these bldgs. are not the original plan based on the master plan.

And due to budgetary constraints of our State Colleges and University like PUP majority of the projects were not materialized.

In 2004 PUP introduces the BS Nursing program in PUP Bataan in cooperation with the Bataan Polytechnic State College;
The confirmation of a PUP Nursing Fund Account No. 148 welcomes the expectations of an eventual establishment of the PUP College of Medicine and its own hospital;
The PUP Board of Regents authorized the University to allocate 300 square meters lot for the construction of a Dialysis Center http://www.pup.edu.ph/profile/2000.asp)

2008 Academic Council Meeting

Surprising the attendees in the meeting was Dr. Milagrina A. Gomez, Asst. Vice President for Academic Affairs, when she proposed a 5-year ladderized course in Nursing and a straight 4-year program in Bachelor in Nursing which was immediately approved by the university president. “It’s been PUP’s dream to offer medical courses, so the opening of BSN can be our first step towards its realization,” said Pres. Guevarra.

After the meeting, PUP News learned from Registrar Abaleta that an applicant for BS Nursing must belong to the upper 40% of the PUPCET passers, take the medical and psychological examination; moreover, get at least 85% plus in the interview with the chair and the dean of the college.

After a year, a certificate of proficiency as a health worker can be earned in the ladderized curriculum then a diploma in Midwifery after two years. “This will enable the students to get employed,” she explained. “A Sophomore, in the ladderized curriculum has to pass a battery of examinations before being admitted to the 4-year course in Bachelor in Nursing,” she concluded


In addition to PUP’s dream for health science courses, this Academic Year 2010-2011:

Children from financially challenged families may soon be able to enroll and finish expensive health courses such as pharmacy, medical technology and the radiologic technology.

This opportunity becomes a reality beginning this coming school year’s first semester when the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) includes Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology in its long array of four to five-year courses.

source: http://www.pup.edu.ph/newscenter/?id=396

Hope above mentioned would help to your query.

Thanks for your question.


44. Kagandahan - September 20, 2010

PUP Broadcast Communication alumni

45. jjj - November 30, 2010

PUP Graduates:
Marc Logan, ABS-CBN
Jon Ibanez, DZMM
Arnel Fernandez, DZMM
Albert “Betong” Sumaya, QTV
Mosang, GMA-7
Steve Dailisan, GMA-7
Muymoy Palaboy, GMA-7

46. jjj - November 30, 2010

Lo and behold!

CNN Beijing Bureau Chief Jaime Flor Cruz is PUP graduate

47. jjj - February 11, 2011

Gerry Donato, Entertainment Sub-Editor, Philippine Star

48. eiijae19 - June 28, 2011

Satur Ocampo – Party List Representative/Legislature/Journalist
Ted Failon[3] – Broadcast Journalist/Former Politician
Romulo Macalintal – Lawyer, Broadcaster and President GMA’s Election Lawyer
Bayani Agbayani[3] – Actor
Carlo Pagulayan – Artist
Steve Dailisan – GMA Reporter
Love Añover – News Anchor/Television Hostess
Jesli Lapus[3] – Philippine’s Department of Education Minister
Rey Danseco – Journalist/Sports Commentator/International boxing judge
Tado Jimenez – Comedian/Business Man
Marc Logan – TV Personality
Maan Macapagal [4] – Correspondent
John Gemperle – Radio DJ of Love Radio 90.7(Papa Jack) former instructor at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines
“DJ Louie” – Radio DJ of 97.9 Homeradio Manila
Eddie Villanueva[3] – Religious Leader/2004 Philippine Presidential election candidate
Vehnee Saturno, Composer
Carlos Padilla, Congressman – Legislature
Emanuel De Guzman, Doctor – Noted sociologist from University of Manchester
Alexander Rojas – Writer
Rogelio Ordoñez – Writer
Denille Lou Valmonte – Bb. Pilipinas International 2006
Jaime Flor Cruz – Beijing Bureau Chief of CNN
Liezel Garcia – Pinoy Dream Academy Top Scholar
Francisco Borlain – Mr. Universe 2006-07
Rustica Carpio – Writer/Educator/Actress
Richard Gomez[3] – Actor/Model/Television Host
Gio Paredes – Creator of Kalayaan Comics
Marco Sison – Singer, Composer
Cristina DecenaThings You Need to Know in PUP – Celebrity businesswoman
James Ronald and Rodfil Obeso (aka Moymoy Palaboy) – Internet celebrities, Comedians
Aljo Bendijo – News Anchor/Broadcast Journalist
Jonathan Manalo- Song writer, composer of “Pinoy Ako” “Tara Tena ” etc.
Royal Pineda – Notable Modern Architect, “Budji Layug+Royal Pineda Designs” [1]
Weng de la Fuente, News Anchor, Net 25
Maricel Halili, News Anchor/Reporter, TV5
Kyla, Professional Singer
Arlyn Dela Cruz, Journalist
Zhander Cayabyab, DZMM – ABS-CBN
Vic de Leon Lima, Radio Anchor, DZMM
Jon Ibanez, DZMM
Arnel Fernandez, DZMM
Mike “Pekto” Nacua, Comedian
Rowena Salvacion, DZBB
Joven Tan, Film Director
Ihman Esturco, Film Director
Mosang, Comedian
Nyerson Dexter Tualla, Bar Topnotcher
Jerry Donato, Entertainment Subeditor, Philippine Star
Salve Asis, Editor, Star Ngayon
Carlo Carongoy, Reporter, RPN
Dindo Flora, TV5, Reporter
Francisco Canuto, CFO, Megaworld Corp.
Presiding Judge Lorifel Lacap-Pahinma
Lloyd Luna, Motivitional Speaker, TV Host
Crispin Aranda, Immigration Expert, TV Host/Producer
Aileen Saringan, Partner, SGV&Co.

List of Polytechnic University of the Philippines alumni who gained honorary degree in their professional undertakings.

Noli de Castro – Vice-president of the Republic of the Philippines/Former Broadcast Journalist
Hilario Davide, Jr. – Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines/Constitutionalist
Cecile Guidote-Alvarez – Executive Director of the National Commission on Culture and the Arts of the Philippines
Ellen Stewart – Theater director and producer and the founder of La MaMa Experimental Theater Club
Jose David Lapuz – Commissioner of the UNESCO and National Historical Institute
Bro.Daniel S. Razon – known to be as “Mr.Public Servant” , broadcaster in UNTV Philippines and a spiritual leader of the Members Church of God International

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52. jjj - January 16, 2013

PUP in the Corporate World:

Imelda Senteno, SVP, United Laboratories Inc.
Fernando Dulce, VP, Rustan’s Supercenter Inc.
Jonalyn Laranang, VP, JP Morgan Chase
Ramon Pagdanganan, VP, First Philippine Holdings Inc.
Eric Sanchez, VP, WNS Global Services Philippines
Ramon Jimenez, VP, Fil-Estate Management Inc.
Gina Santos, VP, PAXYS Inc.
Romy Carandang, AVP, Development Bank of the Phils.
Fermil Anonuevo, AVP, EXL Service Philippines
Vee Natividad, President and CEO, Sparrow Freight Philippines Inc.
Luisito Paulino, AVP, SM Retail Inc.
Brian Tan, President and CEO, AGD Infotech Inc,
Olai Espiritu, President/CEO, Team Metamorphosis Inc.

53. jjj - January 16, 2013

Fernando Martinez, President/CEO, Eastern Petroleum
Aileen Saringan, Partner, SGV
Henry Tan, Partner, SGV
Anthony Paredes, Partner, A.F. Paredes and Co.
Sandra Marcos, COO, Goldencrest Management
Paz Malubay, EVP, Punongbayan and Araullo
Francisco Canuto, SVP, Megaworld Corp
Susan Domingo, VP, ICTSI
Virna Sumulong, AVP, Steel Asia Manufacturing Inc.
Olive Ramos, Country Director, DHL Philippines
Michael San Diego, CFO, EON Stakeholders
Perla Catahan, SVP, First Philippine Holdings, Inc.
Carmina Ubana, VP, First Gen Corp.
Victoria Espano, COO, Punongbayan and Araullo
Josephine Bravo, Partner, Ong, Ordonez and Associates
Felicidad razon, CIO, Keppel Hodings Inc.
Marita Alva, VP, Trans-Phil Builders Corp
Aida De Guzman, SVP, Puregold Price Club Inc.
Rogelio Aquino, AVP, Export and Industry Bank
Allan Sumagaysay, AVP, Export and Industry Bank
Remedious Maranan, SVP, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
Ma. Luisa Bituain, VP, AMA Bank

54. jjj - January 16, 2013

Edna Gatchalian, VP, ePLDT
Lauro Sanchez, VP, Manila Credit Corporation
Eddie Senturias, VP, FERN
Eduardo Olavario, CityState Savings Bank

55. Krystyna Grindel - April 10, 2013

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56. almond oil for hai - April 28, 2013

When applied a few hours prior to showering, the sticky fats within the
oil help to absorb dirt and impurities. Sweet almond oil is produced from the dried seeds of sweet almonds and contains a rich source of Vitamins E,
B6, B2, B1 and A. However, there are other remedies
that are also available in your kitchen, which you can use to effectively remove the puffiness.

57. sesame seed oil - April 28, 2013

For young children and babies, use Sesame Oil to protect their sensitive skin from diaper rash,
and use in the nose and ears to protect against skin pathogens.
As a skin protectant, sesame oil attracts oil soluble toxins to the surface which can
then be washed off with mild soap and water. They can turn to the oil
for help if their vocal cords feel dry and pain.

58. healthy oils - April 28, 2013

Perhaps you recall chamomile from the times you were sick and your parent, friend, or partner, gave you a hot cup of this therapeutic drink to ease your suffering stomach.

My hypothesis is that Vitilago is a systemic fungal
condition similar to, if not, Candidiasis (yeast overgrowth).
It can be controlled fairly easily with the use of
proprietary medicines such as aspirin, but travelling along with the use of any drugs
are negative side-effects.

59. argan oil - April 28, 2013

In fact, it is a widely held view that all oils are bad for one’s health. My hypothesis is that Vitilago is a systemic fungal condition similar to, if not, Candidiasis (yeast overgrowth). I was so upset because I was living at the beach and having a tan was so important to me.

60. tahitian oil - April 30, 2013

And, it is the perfect product to carry in my purse for use during the day.

After being unsatisfied for many years with my hair, I decided to cut
it all off and start over. This oil is loaded
with medium chain fatty acids which mean that it builds an extremely thin lipid layer
on the skin.

61. healthy oils - May 16, 2013

As such, it can be used for organic farming alongside neem oil
and tea tree oils for pest and fungal control. Simple face washing will not do the trick as many cleansers contain chemicals
that harm the skin. Active ingredients are needed in smaller quantities than
base ingredients and are considered to have a more targeted and therapeutic

62. natural oils - May 26, 2013

There are rules that dictate the ingredient list be written in order with the
largest portion of the ingredients first. Using natural oils such as coconut oil as well
as soaking in an oatmeal bath are good for soothing the skin.
These are collagen and elastin, which are responsible in maintaining firmness and elasticity.

63. Maddison - May 26, 2013

Just an all natural healthy skin care product but remember
to read the labels for ingredients that are dangerous.

This bioflavonoid is also revered for its ability to protect and strengthen skin and body tissues.

What they found was that older people and people with high blood pressure had the shortest telomeres.

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