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Astig na Summa Cum Laude October 6, 2006

Posted by kilospup in Alumni.

Study Habits

Grace admires Albert Einstein’s ‘xyz formula’ that is why she made ‘xyz formula’ for herself. ‘X’ for study, ‘Y’ for work and ‘Z’ for recreational activities – this formula equates ‘excellence’.

She reads book once if it is easy and thrice if it is difficult, with the aid of “stabilo

boss”. She usually sits at the back of the classroom, center aisle, wherein she can look at her professors eye to eye. Actually, she gets that seat in her whole college life.

While studying, she prefers a clean environment accented with soft music playing and of course with food to eat. She has a little table, bookshelf, personal computer and laptop in her room that makes her equipped for any assignments that her professor would require her. During break time, she usually writes poems or watch tv. Her favorite shows are Law and Order, CNN and Knowledge TV, but her most loved is Maging Sino Ka Man. She even told me to watch out for its Book II. She also loves to cook. Adobo and spaghetti are her specialties.

If you ask her secret of getting a 1.16 general weighted average, she will only say “proper time management.”

In PUP, examinations are announced, more often than not, a week earlier. What she does is chops her readings for the whole week, assigns chapters or pages to read each day, and execute it. This way, she absorbs everything without pressure – everything is being planned ahead of time. When exam comes, she scans the pages, remembers the keywords, rests and face the examination day with cool minds.
She confessed that she is not a “nocturnal reader” and she hasn’t experienced studying late night unlike the usual practice of many students. She has big eye bags not because of studying but because of chatting until 3:00 am. She knows that others may say that she’s saying this to boast but she’s just actually telling the truth. Her main goal was only to achieve a Latin honor and to her surprise, she gained the title, Summa Cum Laude.

Extracurricular activities

Grace is affiliated to only two student organizations in the university where she is “just” a simple member; Political Science Society (PSS) and Kapatiran ng Talino at Galing (KATAGA). She has decided, upon her enrollment, that she will prioritize her studies among other things. However, her involvement in community is a different case; she enjoys giving advice to various civic organizations.

“I have attended a lot of leadership trainings and the best thing that I can do is to apply it.” Ronquillo said. “In applying it, I’ve chosen community works over school activities because I feel that the youth in my community needs it most.”

Love life

If we try to compare her love life to a fairy tale, she’s more of Sleeping Beauty rather than Cinderella. Literally speaking, as of now, she has no romantic love life but she knows that someday, her prince charming will come and will wake her heart with a kiss. She believes that true love waits, so you don’t need to hurry. Mr. Right will arrive in God’s perfect time and will approach her in God’s perfect way.

Contrary to what other people may think about her standards when it comes to selecting a partner, she’s just looking for a guy who is God-fearing, honest and faithful. By the way, like the other female political science students, she has a crush on one of her professors. It’s an open-secret that Prof. Antonius Umali is known as “kilabot ng mga kolehiyala ng polsci”


She’s very apologetic to admit that she’s very choosy when it comes to friends. For her, friends are like boyfriends so you really have to choose the best. Good friends are very hard to find but when you have them, it’s really rewarding.

She’s proud of her generous, supportive, and good-hearted best friend, Reyma, a fifth year civil engineering student in PUP. In their classroom, she’s blessed with her barkada called “bida” as in protagonists and who are them, you may ask, she’s very proud when she enumerated their names; Joy, April, Toni, Ivy, Rea, Jenn, Angge & Joben. They don’t have any vices. They usually gathered to have a bible study and have a small talk about their common goal — to excel academically. Read on




1. rencefort - June 18, 2007

“After twenty years, finally, we have the fourth Summa Cum Laude, coming from the College of Economics, Finance and Politics —— Ms. Mary Grace P. Ronquillo.”


Attention: Writer/editor of the Site

Are you sure AFTER 20 YEARS?

I remember during our 1991 year-end commencement exercises my batch mate Josephine De Asis from College of Accountancy and Law got the highest honor – 1991 PUP Summa Cum Laude and top 6 in CPA licensure examination.

It was happened 16 years ago and not 20 years.

Nway, kindly verify this and congratulations to our new Summa Cum Laude – Ms. Mary Grace P. Ronquillo

More power to PUPians Astig Maging Iba!

plint - August 21, 2011

wow, iknow her.. si Maam Opel (josephine de asis), she is my Senior Architect’s sister.. galing nga nya.. and nag aral p sya sa abroad..

2. E.I.C. - June 21, 2007

Thank you, rencefort, for visiting our site.

We would just want to clarify that our team had quoted Ms. Mary Grace P. Ronquillo verbatim. Nevertheless, thank you for pointing out the possibility of error. Rest assure that we will try our very best to verify the information. Thanks.

3. Albert Borja Ponce - March 3, 2008

This is Albert B. Ponce, one of your students at PUP Commonwealth and my course is B.S. Entrepreneurial Management 2nd year section 2. By the way, I am proud to myself because I incidentally opened my Google images and saw on it was my Professors who is Ms. Mary Grace P. Ronquillo!!!
I’d never realized how Ms. Mary Grace is always cool when she arrives at our school and not knowing that she already held a class at other school. I’d still remember when she gave us our final examination to her subject (sorry I can’t remember?), she told to us that we have to choose whether to have an oral exam or a written. And no one even try it and after we majority decided to have a written exam to her,she said that it’s better to have an oral exam because she will only ask 1 question from the problem written inside the test paper…
So… after we knew that she will only give only one question, we rather say” ay sayang ang tanga2x ‘ko”.
Finally, We the BSEM 2-2 expressed our deepest thank for being so blessed to us as a professor and a simple servant in the community.
May you GOD BLESS always…
Thank You

Albert Borja Ponce

4. Paula Valles - April 7, 2008

though i didnt know personally Ms. Mary Grace P. Ronquillo still i want to congratulate her 4 being summa cumlaude.

im very proud that she came from our beloved department dpspa.


congratulations and good luck!!!

5. Welbert Ronquillo - March 2, 2009

tell me your secret!

6. juliet - May 17, 2010

sna nmn ma’am ronquillo wag keong mngbagsak ng mga students,ang daming kawawa,sna pgbigyan muh pa rin cla,bumukas sna puso muh pra sa knla…

7. mario - May 23, 2010

Sekreto para di bumagsak sa subject? mag aral ng mabuti

8. Vivian Monique L. Mondreza - January 31, 2011


I’m one of her students in Lyceum of the Phils., actually our block is her advisory class (a-204). The first time I met her parang napaka strict tlga nya.. nakaktakot na gumalaw sa klase, nakakakaba mgrecite, super pressured lahat pag economics na ang subject. Sa isip namin lahat dapat perfect. walang palya. So nakaktakot tlaga nung dumating siya. But as time goes by, nagiging at ease na kami saknya, nandyan na makikita mu na mga ngiti sa labi nya,mga halakhak na tunay na ngpapakita ng saya at most of the time halos lahat kami na-aamaze sknya kc sobrang galing nya. haha parang computer nga yan or should I say walking encyclopedia. ahahhaah 🙂 so ayun kanina ko lng nalamn na summa cum laude pla sya. so ang galing tlga ng adviser ko. I’m so proud of her and sobrng swerte namin kasi isang mabait, masayahin at mapagmahal sya na professor. May dedication sa work at tlgang vinavalue nya lahat ng estudyante nya. She always tell us to strive hard pra ma-achieve nmin ang mga goal namin sa buhay. And we are thankful kasi siya naging professor namin. We love her and respect her to the highest level. So ma’am, God Bless and Good Health always.. ❤ 🙂

Vivian Monique L. Mondreza - January 31, 2011

keep on inspiring us madaam.. thank you so much :))

9. imee mendoza - April 24, 2011

i really admire her naging prof ko rin sya sa economics aun sobrang naka inspire ang life nya…

10. Al Silver - September 22, 2011

This is Al Silver form LPU,. Ma’am Ronquillo is a brilliant Prof., Hard working, enthusiast and considerate. cguro yung ngyari kay juliet is a severe case where ma’am was no choice but to fail her or anyone. and It is true that in order to pass the subject, hindi mu kaylangang humingi ng awa or humingi ng another chance because in the first place, tayo mismo ang gumagawa ng grades natin.

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