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What We Need September 4, 2006

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What We Need

By Jonnel Manlapas

Political Science International Relations

“Damn government officials, damn government. You did nothing but to criticize each other and remain deaf from our cries”, a phrase of fury that was delivered by a jeepney driver as he points his middle finger at a traffic officer as we passed by a commotion that made a slight congestion on the road. I thought getting off that jeep because the hot weather that day was aggravated by the driver’s hot temper but my 6 pesos would be wasted so I decided to continue my way to school beside the flaming driver.

That incident was a usual one for me but scrutinizing the situation gave me a somewhat good understanding and idea about that it. The phrase is one of the many “REKLAMO AT HINAING” of men. Why don’t we try to set aside those furies and take a look on the other side of the coin.

People were used to open their mouths to voice out their never ending problems. Poverty, crimes, political struggles, immorality, problems, problems, problems and more problems. I just wonder if they have already asked their selves if they did something to provide solutions to those problems.

Let’s take the case of our country. Political warfare seems to dominate the minds of everyone and it now came to a point that the real and noble definition of politics is corrupted and drowned in the ocean of oblivion. Rallies here and there, propagandas and campaigns are everywhere. The question again is while we are throwing our clamors to the government or to any public officials, have we tried to contribute something to ease the situation? Do we have alternative solutions to offer?

Going into a smaller scope:

Let’s take the case of our very own university. It is not a new thing for us to see the dynamic conflict between the “reds” and the “yellows”, and I will not be ashamed to say that I do belong to the yellows. Again the issue here is not about us, and it’s not even about our progressive comrades from the other party. It’s about the remaining heads who seems to be apathetic of our university’s situation. It’s about some of you who choose to say nothing, do nothing and as a result, contribute nothing. I am not trying to say that we should all support, choose and join between the two parties in our University. My point is that all of us should do our part in lifting the image and the condition of our alma mater and then our nation next.

One good example of what I’m trying to convey is the Student Council Election last school year, there were three parties who competed and presented their general program of actions to the students. With the total student population of 50,000, only 3-4,000 students voted. Now the point is this, out of the big population of the students, there were only roughly 12% students who are concerned and did their parts in serving the university and students. Yes, I know that voting is not the only way to show our concerns and support, but it is considered as one of the greatest way. As to the remaining 46,000 students, where are you? How will you do your parts?

To my fellow state scholars, the problems we are experiencing are inevitable. Voicing them out is not enough. The best solution is to step up and do something. I think it is not rightful for us to unload our “REKLAMO AT HINAING” if we, ourselves are doing nothing to dissolve these things. Indeed, as what Christopher Society had once stated, “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness”. How I wish that all of us were able to watch and internalize the movie “MONAY”. The main character on that movie, Mr. Shooli, said that what we need for progress is “revolution”, REVOLUTION AGAINST OUR OLD SELVES. Revolution against our old, filthy and apathetic selves. Revolution against our negligence of our responsibilities as citizens, as students, as Filipinos. That’s what we need.







1. rap - September 8, 2007

gagawa nga din ako article ko.hehehe

2. jonnel a. m. - September 20, 2007

hehehe,, cge rap gawa k din…. para marami pang makaalam ng mga gusto nating ipahatid….

3. mark - January 15, 2009

hi…can i copy your nice article and have it posted in our website?

jonnel - July 27, 2009

hey mark sure y not. but try to ask first the editor in chief of this site..super late ang reply sorry.

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